Animal Testing Should Not Be Legal Essay example

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BBC News stated that approximately 700 animals are being killed to for animal testing, but out of those 700 only one animal did not die in vain. This animal found a cure for a human illness, yet the rest 699 animals died in the name of science. Before these animals died, they experienced torture, suffering, pain, and fear. These animal 's fear being next and not being able to survive. If they survive the torture, they will keep fighting until they realize the pain is part of their daily routine. Therefore, animal testing should not be legal for the sake of causing animals to experience mental and physical damage, there are alternatives, and it provides imprecise results.
Animal testing causes animals to suffer emotional distress and physical damage. Animals should have the same rights as the human species. Animals weren 't created for medical research, nor should they experience fear or sorrow. In the Macclellan article, the author says “Sentience, or subjective awareness, particularly of pain and pleasure, is common to all vertebrate” (Macclellan 60). The chief moral that proved that vertebrate animals do experience suffering and pain have done the necessary research to prove their conclusion, however there are still scientist that keep testing on vertebrate animals. Animals that are used for testing, experience fear and their body begins to tremble in behalf of the emotion they are feeling. In the article written by Delzer she stated “ Picture this, your home filthy,…

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