Essay about Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Imagine a world without medicine. Imagine the population of the world drop abnormally. The world will suffer without the use of medicines or antibiotics. But how are medicines created? The creation of medicines involves complex chemical reactions. But what makes a medicine safe to humans? A simple answer to this question would be animal testing. Testing a medicine on an animal to identify its symptoms or side-effects would be an effective solution. Some animals and human’s DNA are extremely identical. For example, a chimpanzee shares almost 98% of the human’s DNA and mice share 92%. (Koshland, D.E) This is a huge advantage while testing medicine because the effects that arise on animals would most likely appear in humans. Different types of medicines have been created and successfully distributed among people to help them cure or stabilize a disease. That would not be possible without the use of animal testing. Yet, there is a heated debate on whether animal testing should be banned or not. Animal testing is the main reason behind medicine benefits and it should not be banned because it saved millions of lives, created thousands of medicines, and it is the most effective way to identify symptoms of medicines. There are many experiments that animal testing had a major role in. Animal testing was the reason behind the treatment of type one and type 2 diabetes. As mentioned in American for Medical Progress (AMP), 6.3% of America’s population, which equals almost 18.2 million…

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