Animal Experimentation And Testing Is Necessary Essay

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Today there are over one hundred million animals that are burned, poisoned, crippled, and or abused in our countries labs each year all for the name of science. Animal experimentation or testing has been around for a very long time dating back to the Greeks in the fourth and third centuries. But, it became important for the U.S.A. in the twentieth century, when a company created a drug called sulfanilamide that was tested on animals, according to, and that helped cure streptococcal which is a type of bacteria. The labs in the 1950s started using primates as their animals to test on, and they saw the testing as an aide to helping create vaccines. Now today we use the, “Three R Strategy” which stands for reduction, refinement, and replacements. That strategy is supposed to help reduce the amount of testing done on animals. On one side of the debate it is said that they use of animals for testing is necessary, but the other side thinks that it should be stopped. Animal experimentation should absolutely be banned because it is cruel to the animals, bad for the environment, and finally it is unnecessary. Animal testing is cruel to the animals that have the tests done on them because they feel physical and emotional pain, they suffer from horrible protocols, and the space they live in is horrible. The first reason why animal testing is cruel is because the animals feel physical and emotional pain. For example, Rita Panahi, said that there was a gorilla at the…

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