Argument Against Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation Millions of animals are used everyday for scientific experimentation. This practice has been around for years dating back as far back as 500 BC. People of ancient times would want to experiment on animals just out of curiosity. Understandable, but has created such a dilemma in today’s society. There are many arguments going back and forth on if animal testing should be continued or stopped due to the reality of it all. The reality is that animal testing is cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary. Is it worth it? Does it really help us? Should it be stopped? Are there dangers to it or misconceptions? Despite being around for so long, it’s not worth it and doesn’t really help us. The experimentation of animals should indeed be stopped, banned even. There are dangers to this practice as well as it being cruel and inhumane, but still no one seems to listen. No one truly understands how much these animals suffer day to day locked in small and barren cages. Using these animals for our own needs is unacceptable though understandable. Using these animals for our own personal use may seem beneficial, but it can be avoided. The truth is that we don’t need to rely on animal …show more content…
A french chemist named Louis Pasteur had administered anthrax to sheep to show the importance of vaccines because of his germ theory. This was back in the late nineteenth century and was the first of many animal experimentations to be documented. In the mid 1850s, Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory served as the foundation of how animals could be used as effective models to enable a biological understanding in humans. It’s very interesting to see how long ago animal testing first begun. Some other examples of animal testing includes psychological experiments on hounds to show how they could remember and control repetitive tasks. Ever since then animal testing had started to become more and more

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