Essay about Animal Experimentation : A Scientific Method

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Animal experimentation is a scientific method that aims the use of the use of animals for scientific experiments. Hundreds of millions of animals are used each year in toxicity testing, as learning resources in schools or research models in various laboratories around the world. Scientifics researches are using animals to make experimentation of medicine or products that would test if it works on human. “Animal experimentation has led to the development of treatments for diabetes, anthrax, rabies, polio and smallpox, as well as anti-depressants, tranquilizers and antibiotics” (ProQuest Staff). Many people think that animal experimentation is necessary because Scientifics can test products on them that humans will use; however animal experimentation is really cruel because those innocent creatures do feel pain too, animals are used for cosmetic purpose, and millions of animals die. It is assumed that animals also feel, suffer, seek pleasure, spend fear hurts when it hits them, that if it cause pain that affects the subject and despite that, despite know, see, confirm that we are similar, still imprisoning, burning, poisoning them, in the name of science, aesthetics, improved weapons. Animals do feel pain too, because the procedure that Scientifics make of them is very miserable and animals suffer during the testing of the products. The problem is when a man goes, it oversteps its uncontrolled pursuit of truth and hurt defenseless, noble beings, but do not understand their…

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