Andy Warhol Influence On Fashion

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From its creation in the 1950’s, through its wide celebration of the symbols of popular and consumerist culture, Pop art created a revolutionary cultural shift in the way art was fashioned and enjoyed. The movement is still rife in our society today as it continues to influence the carnival of consumption and the thousands of marketing messages our minds witness every single day. Andy Warhol is a household name when it comes to the movement. He is widely recognised for his bold celebrations of the celebrity and branding obsessed world we live in today. Fashion and Art are two markets in which are becoming increasingly more intertwined. Within this essay, the work of Andy Warhol and the images and media created as a result of his existence will …show more content…
The dress appeared in the same collection as the also famous Vogue dresses, ultimately creating a collection in which, much like the aura of Pop Art, celebrated the mass and popular culture of that time, and even of today. The look book image featuring the Marilyn dress is powerful in conveying a feminist image. The iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe shown to be strewn across the body of successful and highly publicised model of the time Linda Evangelista merges two figures which once were icons of popular culture, bringing Versace’s creations and their connotations to life. 1991 saw Linda Evangelista causing sparks in the press as she debuted her new short and very controversial haircut in which caused her to lose out on a lot of runway show contracts. Linda is seen sporting her, at the time, new crop, conveying a sense of rebellion within the image and reflects the idea of not playing to the normalities of society, something which Andy Warhol also reflected when he pushed the boundaries of Art within his Campbell’s soup can designs. The models stance within the image only highlights this further, her hands stood firmly on her hip as an assentation of her beliefs, and her other arm thrown out in a carefree motion connotes a light-hearted nature. The feminist image is represented in the sense that James Dean, also a once popular movie icon, is seen to be shown within a small minority of the dress, even though he is still featured. The repetition of Marilyn’s face and the scale of Linda Evangeline’s body on the look book image shows females to be dominant over all within this

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