Loss Of Culture In Today's Society

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“There can be little doubt that the age we are living through is one of tremendous economic and social transformation” (Florida, 2005, p.3). Looking back on history, the ways in which our society has developed and transformed is clear and evident. Through the actions of industrialization and globalization our society gained the ability to achieve goals that it could not in the past. Although it is crucial to obtain knowledge about society’s history, it’s also important to understand the ways in which our society functions today. Our society today thrives off of a capitalistic system. This system allowed for the birth of the culture industry. The culture industry is a theory studied and formed by two well-known theorists at the Frankfurt School, …show more content…
Profit, has become company’s main focus in this prevalent era of time. Hand in hand with the loss of individuality among society comes the loss of art. The culture industry has allowed our society to suffer from a loss of art. Advancements in technology has allowed for the media to become more powerful today than ever before. This power the media has, caused for advertising to take over. Businesses take specific approaches and use certain tactics in order to grab consumer’s attention. The dominance and commonness of advertisements throughout society persuades and forces consumers to spend their money. Something as simple as art, that’s purpose use to be to entertain consumers, has now been transformed. “Advertising is also, in a sense, the official art of our modern capitalist society” (Williams, n.d, p.421). Advertising has now replaced the artistic elements that individuals use to find joy within. Consumers can no longer watch television without viewing a numerous amount of commercials, nor can they flip through a magazine without observing a variety of advertisements. Mediums that were originally created for the pure amusement and pleasure of consumers have now been taken over by advertising. The allowance of this act is caused by the culture industry, which arose due to our capitalistic …show more content…
Our capitalistic society has allowed for the industry to obtain an extreme amount of power. The culture industry consumes us as individuals. The advancements in both industrialization and technology has allowed for our society to follow a capitalistic system. This system causes corporations to focus merely on profit. This often excludes consumers, and their opinions. Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer take a linear approach while studying the culture industry, which highlights the ways in which this industry affects society. The mass standardization of manufacturing causes a loss of individuality among society. The population has become much less diverse due to this regularization. Advertising has become so powerful that it now has control of society. We as consumers are surrounded and heavily persuaded by the marketing and advertising that is all around us. These advertisements lead us to perceive an illusion of choice. The culture industry allows consumers to believe they have the freedom to choose how they spend their money, but that is not the reality of our current world. The series of production to consumption no longer focuses on the consumer’s opinions and personal wants, rather it has become a form of commodification in which profit is the main focus. We as the audience have transformed into a commodity, which allows the population to become a

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