Analysis Of Captain Americ The Winter Soldier Essay

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Reflection Essay
I must confess that I’m most definitely not the Best Writer in the world, but I’m probably close to gold in Best Procrastinator. I haven’t completed as much, or tried as hard as I could have this semester, and now I’m paying for it. If staying up all night writing has taught me anything, it’s that you genuinely can’t expect your best work to be an assignment that you squeezed out in less than two days, although you can definitely try. I can try and tell myself that I will apply myself next semester, but chances are, I’ll probably do the exact same thing I did this semester. And for that, I’m really, truly, sorry.
As an academic writer, my strengths lie within my passions. If the topic strikes my interest, it will probably written better than anything else. For example, Project 1 was a Rhetorical Analysis of the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is a movie I hold dear to my heart, and was extraordinarily easy to write about. Though, my actual first attempt went a little awry. The analysis was on a Steven Universe episode called Cry for Help. Instead of actually analyzing it, I wrote three pages of plot description. The episode was only 11 minutes long. After returning to it after 4 months of letting it collect dust, I realized that I just wasn’t as invested in the topic now as I was in September. The Winter Soldier was, as a matter of fact, the other topic I had considered writing about at the time. However, I chose the one I was more…

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