Reflection Essay: My Development As A Writer

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Becoming the writer that I am today, was not completely a single bound but rather several small steps. My family has greatly influenced- both positively and negatively- my development as a writer. I have also had the immense privilege of having several amazing teachers over the course of my education. Though, my development as a writer has been most deeply impacted by the division between my personal and academic writing styles and goals.
I grew up in Bakersfield, California which is a conservative hotspot in one of the most reliably liberal states in the United States. My mother and father each has minimal education but worked hard to provide an environment that would allow my sister and I to thrive academically. Since my sister is four
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My goals morph into a simplistic desire to express myself organically and to create works that reflect my experiences. As Godwin states in her piece “Rituals and Readiness: Getting Ready to Write,” the primary reason we write is “to better understand who and what we are and in what kind of place we’re actually living.” This is my truth as well. Personal pieces allow me to scrutinize the world without fear of the backlash that my observations may face. Creative writing has helped me resolve emotional problems and comprehend issues concerning my identity. While academic writing limited me to choosing a single side of any issue, creative writing liberated me from such confines by allowing me to explore ideas that were captured in multiple sides of an argument.
As I continue to evolve into a superior writer, I hope to find a way to marry these two processes into a single writing methodology. I hope my education in writing will help me to bridge the divide between my personal and academic writing styles. My ideal future writing self would be able to express herself in a clear and concise manner on issues of deep personal importance without fear of her audience’s opinions. I take steps toward this goal every day and as Lincoln states, “I’m a slow walker but I never walk

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