An Unnatural Rush - Original Writing Essay

2783 Words Jun 8th, 2016 null Page
I felt an unnatural rush as the thoughts raced through my mind and my fingertips did laps around my unmentionables. My semi almond colored skin felt sticky and warm, and an uncontrollable blush flooded my senses. Adam for Adam was slowly becoming my obsession. “No not this one….hmm maybe we can do it this way instead. I think I should put that picture of my ass on here instead. I don’t want them to think I’m a bottom though” I thought in repetition. Hooking up with the guys online made me feel something I haven’t felt since David. I think it makes me feel important. Considering the frequency now that I log in needed is probably a better word for it without getting clinical. I was finding myself addicted to the release and it infected my thoughts and what was left of my esteem. Every meeting always felt like a spy game from some twisted romantic comedy where the prostitute comes out on top.

My pores always moaned at the touch of a man’s fingertips against my moistening skin. It was the arch of his back, the soft hairs on his neck and the bristle of his beard pressed against my check as we moved rhythmically….lovingly. Sex always seemed to make me forget everything around me until it was over. Guys online were warm, friendly, easy and fictitious which was exactly what I wanted from them. It was a mutual no feelings, no frills kind of love. Checking the rising water levels of my inbox became a daily chore. The adamers filled up my inbox as quickly and roughly as I filled…

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