An Analysis Of Are Too Many People Going To College

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College is something that’s on the minds of many children from a young age; it’s a representation of a sort of promise land in regards to their futures and provides a beacon to guide a narrowly made path. It’s when the children get older and understand their predicament that they begin to question the diverging trails set before them. Everyone initially sets out as a trailblazer with nothing in their way except time itself; it’s when they reach the brick wall of deciding whether or not to obtain a higher education, or delving into the workforce that the flames of youth are doused with one of the many questions that have to be considered as they grow older and hold more responsibility. In his essay, Are Too Many People Going to College?, Charles Murray suggests that people …show more content…
Specifically speaking, Murray asserted that a college education isn’t worth the time and effort for someone who can go straight into service work for higher pay with very little education, but must have high skill abilities as opposed to the weak in a field that offers higher pay for those who excel in the category. It’s hard to argue with logic like that because it applies to many who are capable of being productive workers without the binding and the expense of the higher educational system. Murray shares his thoughts in a format that makes sense, but also needs much further exploration to ensure their validity.
Murray argued that much of the core knowledge taught in college needs to be introduced at a younger age, kindergarten through eighth grade, when students are more receptive to it and learn it easier, faster, and memorization is much better than for adults. Murray’s statement “Saying ‘too many people are going to college’ is not the same as saying that the average student does not need to know about history, science, and great works

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