Alicia In Tears: A Short Story

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“Mackenzie you can’t quit.” I look up at Alicia in Tears. “I can’t do this anymore it’s too much.” “Kenz I have never heard Colleen talk about someone the way she talks about you. You’re Collen’s girl. You might not be the best but one day you will we all see it. You have to use lacrosse as an outlet right now. I know you’re going through some tough stuff but it will get better. When Colleen wanted you to play high school Blake and I were a little on the edge but we went with it. The reason we went with it is because the way Colleen’s eyes light up when she talks about you and everything you could be is incredible. You’re Colleen’s daughter and she wants you to reach your full potential. I know Colleen thinks you’re going to be an amazing …show more content…
Kenz you’re a strong kid, I saw that today. You’re gonna get through this I know you can.” I tuck away my warm fuzzy as Alicia grabs my hand to hold it up for the team cheer. I walk out onto the field and replay Alicia’s words over and over. Alicia and everyone of my coaches are people that inspire me everyday. As a multisport athlete I have worked with tons coaches throughout my lifetime. Coaches are important role models in my life who teach me how to love the game and never to give up. Every conversation I’ve had with them has allowed me to understand everything that I could be. They show me how hard work will pay off and demonstrated the right way to play. I can’t give my coaches enough credit for the thousands of inspirational speeches they’ve given as a coach and also as a friend. I can see each one of them reflected in myself. I see Mrs. White’s wisdom, Coach Otto’s comedy, Alisha’s motivation, Blake’s spirit, Colleen’s hard work, Coach Sullivan’s determination, Mr. Horn’s discipline, and so much more. I wish I could give each of them a warm fuzzy because all of them are doing something right. They are all impacting each of their players and behind every successful player is a magnificent

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