Why I Want To Be A Coach Essay

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There are many reasons why I coach the game the way I do. One reason I coach the way I do is because coaching is not only a job but a skill. I think all athletes deserve a leader as a coach than someone coaching for the money. Another reason I coach the way I do is to teach individuals about the game of basketball and responsibilities that he or she will face outside of the gym. Lastly, I want to share the knowledge and wonderful moments with great athletes, individuals, and teammates that learned the game of basketball from me. Although coaching is more than a skill, responsibility, and knowledge it’s a process of how one can transform the lives of others.
First, what is a coach? My definition of a coach is “a person who trains an athlete or a team of athletes.”
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Coaching is a great way to express a passion for the game and becoming actively involved instead of standing on the sidelines. It is very exciting and self-satisfying to know that as a coach you can positively influence a person’s lifelong involvement with sports. Another reason I want to become a coach is to teach young mans about brotherhood and teamwork. We can all learn from each other by listening and understanding the voices of our peers. Lastly, the reason we practice is to perform excellent in game situations. We work hard doing the off seasons to be better than the next player. I can honestly say the reason most athletes play the way they do is to win a championship. In as for coaches the reason they coach the way they do is to watch their coaching skills perform on and off the court. Therefore, I want to coach the way I do because athletes are counting on us coaches to do what it takes to win and become intentional about why we coach the way we do. Most importantly our choices will have a lifelong impact on the athletes we

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