Personal Narrative: My Love For Baseball

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From the crack of the bat to the smack of the glove and the dirty basebal pants. This game is what I love . The moment i first played i've been “ as gifted.” I'm a 5 to a player, I have a good arm, great glove, some speed, i can hit, and i can hit for power. My dream is to be the best baseball player ever.

Baseball is a long vigorous path that many attempt but never will reach the show. First i must make the Freshman team, or even better JV or Varsity. From high school you have two choices that aren't really yours. Get drafted high or go to college for two years. Going in the first five rounds in the MLB draft is something anyone should be proud of. It's such a difficult thing to even get drafted. The two years of college would allow me to get a degree in something as a contingency plan if it doesn't work out in the end.

Obstacles are faced everyday of your life in baseball. It's impossible to not
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Practice for Baseball has always been fun for me, I feel as though I was made for this sport!! Having fun with teammates practicing and working out I've enjoyed the more I get older and become the “ leader.” Working out will help avoid and heal injuries. Working out has to take the mindset of never stopping til you’ve reached your goal like specific set of rep or in my case, making it to the Pro’s and being one of the great.

From the day I was born, to my first practice to my first home run and my last game as a pro my momma will always be there supporting her “baby boy.” She’s the greatest person in my life and the reason why i am, why I’m good, and why I’ll be the great. She’s the greatest motivator and greatest coach i will ever have. If it wasn't for my momma and great coach i would not be as good as a ball player i am. They’ve kept me going even when i’ve wanted to stop. Im forever grateful of these people, if it weren't for them i would not truly believe in

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