The Importance Of Playing Professional Baseball

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I have had the dream of playing professional baseball since I was old enough to swing a baseball bat. I remember watching the Texas Ranger play on Tv when I was young and I aspired to be like them one day. The odds are not in my favor to accomplish this goal. However, I know that if I keep working my hardest every single day that maybe one day I will be able to accomplish this goal. One of the hardest parts about trying to accomplish this goals is my peers. I get told almost everyday that “I will never be able to make it to professional baseball” or “You won’t ever be good enough”. For some people this would discourage them, however I like to use it as motivation. It fuels me to know that one day when I can finally say I’ve made it, that all those people who said I would never make it, were proven wrong. …show more content…
One of the biggest sacrifices that I have made is giving up time to work towards accomplishing my lifelong dream. My day starts out at 5:30 A.M. every single morning. I go to Grinnell College where I hit baseballs every single morning for an hour. Two days a week I take pitching lessons with Grinnell College’s ace pitcher, Sam Tinkman. After my morning hitting sessions and school, I workout in the weightroom. I always try to push myself as hard as I can because I don’t like it when others work harder than me. I remind myself that all this hard work will pay off one day when I finally can accomplish my lifelong dream and can say “I’ve made

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