Advertising 's Twenty Basic Appeals Essay

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Since the beginning of media and advertising, marketers have employed subtle tactics to attract a more diverse customer base. In Jib Fowles essay, “Advertising 's Fifteen Basic Appeals”, he discusses the fifteen appeals advertisers use to engage the consumer’s interest in buying their products. These different advertising techniques are directing there concepts towards a target audience; including males, females, elders, and teenagers. However, in some cases, the Carls Jr ad being analyzed has multiple audiences; primarily the male and female audiences. The male audience is more influenced by the sex appeal in the ad (i.e., the use of a model and suggestive wording), meanwhile the female audience is more influenced by the desire for attention and acceptance. Jib Fowles essay, about the 15 appeals of advertising, helps distinguish which techniques Carls Jr effectively utilizes. These techniques and appeals include: the need for attention, physiological desires, and sex appeal. The first of the fifteen appeals that Jim Fowles discusses, and are highly visible in the ad, is the need for attention. According to Fowles, this is the need for people to have the acknowledgment and admiration of others over other factors. This lust for attention is directly relatable to the societal pressures placed on women, especially pertaining to appearance; the typical message is that women are to look skinner, prettier, and more sexually appealing. Typically, the models used are tall and…

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