Advertising 's Twenty Basic Appeals Essay

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Advertising is everywhere. We can discover it from newspapers, magazine, radio, television, and internet and so on. Moreover, the contents of many advertisements are very creative to catch the consumers’ eyes and motivates us to buy the products. According to Jib Fowles’s article, “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals”, he analyzed 15 basic emotional appeals, such as the need for sex, the need for guidance, the need for prominence, the need to aggress, the need to escape that advertisers usually use in the ads. He also gave explanations and example advertisements of each emotional appeal. Furthermore, Women’s Health, published in March 2016, is a magazine teaches females to be good-looking and to have a healthy lifestyle in food and exercise, and contains a lot of advertisements. I chose this magazine as my study and explored its advertisements. In this essay, I found three emotional appeals which were often used in Women’s Health magazine that advertisers think their most readers are middle or high-income females who have an active responsibility to take care of others, love to be good looking and confident, and pursue to use nature and harmless products.
First, when advertisers use an appeal the need to nurture for their advertisements, it often directs to females that have a strong willing to take care of the weakness but sometimes also directs to males. Fowles mentions the need to nurture which is “the need to take care of small, defenseless creatures -- children and…

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