Advertisements Are A Common Form Of The Beer Bottle With A Woman Leaning Against It

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As a society, we are constantly bombarded with arguments as we go throughout the day. Whether they are telling us what we should believe, do, or buy, there is an expectation for us to respond either through our actions or our beliefs. Over time, subconsciously, these ideas become a part of the way we view the world. Advertisements are a common form of this process. They are presenting an argument selling something to their audiences. These arguments, and the way they are presented, can either be beneficial or harmful to society because they have the power to influence our ideas. An example of an advertisement harmful to society is one of the many Budweiser ads. This one contains no text besides the writing on the label of the beer, so the argument is found in only the picture presented. In the picture, you see the body of the beer bottle with a woman leaning against it. She is in a skin-tight one-piece outfit that continues the label on the bottle she is leaning against. This ad is extremely harmful to society in many different aspects, including the way it associates drinking alcohol with sex and both sexualizes and objectifies the woman in the advertisement. The assumed audience for this advertisement is men. The ad relates the beer to what is culturally accepted as an attractive woman, in revealing clothes, in what one might consider a seductive position and the central color in this advertisement is red. In fact, the entire subject of the picture is set to the left…

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