Essay about Advertisement : Stop The Violence Campaign

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The advertisement chosen is part of Ecovia: Stop the Violence campaign to promote safe driving with creative imagery and slogans such as “don’t speed”, “don’t drink and drive”, “overtake with care”, and “don’t text and drive”. Their advertisement depicts an individual being uppercut by a lone fist, and vehicles are painted on the punching fist and the victim’s face. It is implied that the vehicles are colliding with each other. The Ecovia “don’t speed” ad features a women being punched by an arm―presumably belonging to a man.
The women appears to be punched with intense strength because her face is contorted to a painful expression, gritting her teeth, straining her neck, hair flying back from the force of the blow, and expelling some saliva. As for the description of the women, she appears to be young, perhaps in her thirties, has light or pale skin that is heavily accented by shadows, brunette hair that is tied back, very white teeth, white pearl earrings, and is wearing a semi-transparent black blouse. On her face is a painted yellow minivan with dark gray tinted windows.
The appearance of the arm, that is punching the women, belongs to a hairy person with light or pale skin, and it is covered in dirt. On the arm is painted a red semi-truck with an empty cargo bay. The message “Stop the Violence, don’t speed” is placed above the arm in all capital letters, varying font size and color. “Stop the violence” is written in white and below it “don’t speed” is written in red,…

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