Stop The Violence Protest Case Study

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Mission Statement

A union of associations and individuals introduced Stop The Violence Protest. We came together out of our distress that the peoples’ conflict to Police Brutality needed to be taken to a higher level coast-to-coast. Stop The Violence Protest objectives is to bring forward a powerful, visible, national protest against police brutality and the deterioration of our generation. Our union aims to expose the state 's brutal program. It’s goal is to bring forward those most directly under the gun of Police Brutality and to also reach into all parts of the society bringing forward others to stand in the fight against this sanctioned brutality and Stop The Violence Protest goals is to improve the peoples ' organized capacity for resistance
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Vote our Politicians Who Condone Policy Brutality

Politicians who do not address issues like police brutality must be voted out of office. We need more people who will support use and protect our children and their future. Know whom we are voting for and be sure they want what’s best for our community especially fro the younger generation.

4. Take Legal Action Against Police

No matter the cost. Taking legal action is one of the best ways to stop police brutality by hurting their funds it will make them pay more attention. If the police constantly get sued for brutality they’ll be obligatory to deal with the issue. Every incident of police brutality should be reported to both the government and the media. People such be aware of what is going on whenever the police misbehave, get brutal with people or event harass.

5. Engage in Dialogue With the Cops
We must use modest police organizations to work with the police to stop police brutality. Talking to an officer of the law will help us understand what they go through at work.

What Stop The Violence Protests Propose To Do And The Actions That Should Be
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It is important to know how to deal and manage stress instead of bring it to work especially to a work that is already stressful. Learning the signs of stress is necessary when working with a partner when knowing when your partner is having a stressful day it makes it easier for the communication between the partners. They are certain situations such as apprehending criminals or pursuing traffic offenders, can be incredibly stressful physically and emotionally. When your job is to protect the public, you can’t afford to fold under pressure or make irrational

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