Explanation Of Police Brutality

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One morning, in May 2013, a 14-year-old by the name of Tremaine McMillian was walking with his pet and his family on Haulover Beach near Miami, Florida. Some local police thought that he was “roughhousing” on the beach and told him to stop. Tremaine asked the officer what he was doing wrong and why he was asking him to stop. According to an article by Huffington Post, the officer simply said, that it was because “he said so.” After Tremaine asked again, the officer told the boy to show them where his mother was and so he proceeded to walk towards where his mother was on the beach. Tremaine’s mother reported that the police jumped off their ATVs and forced Tremaine onto the ground abruptly and put the boy in a chokehold. But Miami Dade Police …show more content…
To determine whether a situation is the result of police brutality, we must consider the details of the situation as a whole, not separately. We must first consider the individuals involved, these individuals’ reputation and their position in society. Another important aspect when analyzing a potential demonstration of police brutality, is the area in which the incident took place. We must consider the body of authority which overlooks the area and how well this body represents the area. We must consider all this and more because these things influence the individuals of the incident greatly, and thus influence their actions. For example, in the infamous shooting at Ferguson, Missouri, police officer, Darren Wilson, shot unarmed youth, Michael Brown, and killed him. Darren Wilson had been a police officer all his life and before this incident he had been twice exonerated of criminal wrongdoing. Michael Brown was a youth who was planning on going to college, had no criminal background, and was known as peaceable and pleasant by all who knew him. The area in which this incident took place is made up of about sixty-seven percent black residents and about twenty-nine percent white residents. The area’s police force and city council poorly represent these demographics. Three black officers work at the Ferguson Police Department, which is made up of about fifty officers. The city council, which has six members, only employs one black

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