Solutions To Police Brutality

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Possible Solutions to Imperative Police Brutality Issues Concerning Peace and Security

In today's world we face police brutality in ways that are affecting our country’s popularity. We have been through many years facing this nationwide problem. Each Side has provided enough evidence of the good and bad things. Some people are trying to devise ways of preventing any more chaos between police and citizens of the United States. Other two real questions remain in this type of situation. How, besides protesting, can we actually make sure no more people die or get hurt ? And how can we promote justice and equity in law enforcement more generally? Here are some key solutions:
Stop criminalizing everything: Police have now started to think that everything is a crime. 10% of the crime are violent crimes and 90% are minor interactions with the people.
Stop using poor people
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Criminalizing petty offenses is a huge problem with police brutality as well as other dilemmas that stem from it. Overpopulation in the prison system is an example of one.

If petty offenses such as loitering and possession of very small amounts of marijuana are clear examples of petty offenses that are greatly criminalized
An example of a petty offense that actually has infamously been met with an example of police brutality are things like the sale of loose cigarettes and even racial suspicions like a black man wearing a hoodie walking a street. Getting rid of simple yet severe actions like this by the law enforcement can greatly reduce rates of police brutality and hopefully lead to a safer environment for people of color in particular.

Another possible solution could be officers actually patrolling the area they live in. It's easy to brutalize and racially profile a hoodie wearing stranger, but what if that person wearing a hoodie was your neighbor? Maybe then it wouldn't end up in the murder of an

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