Police Racial Profiiling Essay

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African-American Males Racially Profiled by Police Officers

Racial profiling has become a controversial issue for all of America especially African-American males because of the recent increases of their arrest and killing by police officers across America. African-American males are the major targets of police officers who engage in racial profiling. (Weatherspoon). As defined by the American Civil Liberties Union, “racial profiling is the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual’s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin.” The practice of racial profiling by police officers has increased the rate of traffic stops of African-American male drivers as well
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Implementing the use of police body cameras and police training along with community involvement in making new laws are some suggestions that may help decrease police brutality and racial profiling. In his article “Body Cameras Will Stop Police Brutality”, Adam Schiff, a Democratic US congressman, argues that “Having a video record of events not only deters the use of excessive force, but it also helps dispute or demonstrates claims of police brutality.” Studies showed that when police officers wore body cameras, while on duty and involved with the community there was an 88% drop in the accusations of excessive force (Schiff). But Shahid Buttar, a constitutional lawyer, would certainly take an issue with Schiff’s argument because Buttar argue in his article that “Body Cameras Will Not Stop Police Brutality” Buttar believes that body cameras do not deliver what they promise and will do more harm than good. Such as invading the privacy of local citizens, adding to the problem of incarceration while taking the attention away from the real problem law officials being held accountable for using excessive force. Buttar, an opponent of police body cameras is right to argue that cameras may invade the privacy of citizens and increase incarceration rates, but he exaggerated when he claimed that cameras will take the attention away from police officers who use excessive

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