Racial Profiling Research Paper

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In the U.S., racism stands out as a sophisticated dilemma that has affected the country for many centuries. Racial profiling can be termed as the act of targeting or suspecting people considering observed group characteristics instead of taking an individual perspective. This practice is common in the U.S., especially in the police force. Minority groups have for a long time been profiled by police officers regarding crime and other violent behaviors. The African American community is highly linked with these facets. This development has created a situation where one black person is profiled through race-oriented stereotypes. Other victims of racial profiling entail Muslims, Asians, and Latino since they are from minority groups. This problem …show more content…
CRT introduces the driving-while-black factor which has affected many African Americans. Just because someone is black, they get stopped on the roads for no apparent reason. Critical theory blames the racial foundations that the country stands on. Black drivers are frequently stopped by police officers on suspicion of being in possession of drugs. Any black individual driving an expensive car is likely to be trailed by police officers since it is a privilege that should only be enjoyed by the majority group. This aspect has led to the creation of a society where blacks are engendered. The profiling behavior has resulted in the deaths of innocent African American youths (Orelus, 2013). Many lives of unarmed blacks have been lost because of the racial profiling problem. For example, a black teenager called Trayvon Martin was shot dead by a Florida police officer while walking along the streets (Teasley, Schiele, Adams, & Okilwa, 2017). CRT paints the image of how different races are viewed in the U.S. When dealing with blacks, police officers are likely to kill them since they are perceived to be dangerous. With this mentality, it is indisputable that racial profiling is a serious problem that requires thoughtful interventions. High poverty among minority families has ended up creating the notion that blacks cannot afford numerous products. This aspect has facilitated the creation of the phrase shopping-while-black. Discrimination has now extended to the market environment where blacks are treated unethically in the retail market. Most business people call security officers to arrest black customers terming them as potential thieves (Hayle, Wortley, & Tanner, 2016). To them, blacks do not have the purchasing power, and the only thing they can do is to steal. On many occasions, blacks have been denied the chance to shop because they are not seen as worthy

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