Humanity And Ethnicity: The Consequences Of Police Brutality

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People from all walks of life have been subject to the injustice that is police brutality for what seems to be forever. Even after the Jim Crow laws were removed, people of color are still being mistreated by police brutality but of course, the assault charges had nothing to do with “race”. Many people (myself included) believe that police officers should be held accountable for their actions whilst on duty.It appears to be that many of the occurances of police brutality stems from a racial bias aginst black people in particular. But whatever the reason may be for these shameful displays of how police should be protecting its people, its rather clear that this needs to stop sooner, rather than later. Even with all of our efforts to completely …show more content…
Many instances in which police officers end up shooting a potentially hostile person, it seems more often times than not that the person who ends up getting shot, they did not have a weapon on their person. Which cause whole lot of trouble not only for the police officer which can also give the entire police force a bad wrap, but the family of the innocent man or woman who ended up getting shot due to improper judgement and analyzation of the situation. As suggested on page sixteen of RACE, POLICING, AND LETHAL FORCE: REMEDYING SHOOTER BIAS WITH MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING, which states a way to prevent needless shootings from occurring by “Training to Reduce Bias and Increase Accuracy in the Decision to Shoot”, amongst many of the other potential solutions I feel that this one suggestion could drastically lower the body count in police shootings and will not only be better for the city as whole but also for police officers everywhere. Also on page sixteen studies have shown that,”Joshua Correll’s 2007 shooter bias study, which tested 237 police officers and 127 civilians. Correll found that police officers were more accurate and showed less racial bias than civilians in the ultimate decision to shoot,” which to me looks like this could be use to decrease unneeded deaths meanwhile increasing our officers ability to protect its people whilst on

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