The Cases Of Police Brutality In The United States

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Throughout the years, the US has faced cases of police brutality. It’s a controversial topic within many different communities all over. Police brutality gives law enforcement a negative image prior to many departments not giving proper training in nonviolent situations, unreasonable use of force, minorities are unfairly targeted, and police officers getting away with misconduct. To begin with many officers in law enforcement are not receiving the proper training. For instance every officer in the force or joining the force more like it is supposed to do the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) within 40 hours curriculum. However the CIT program is not being complied because its claim to be not mandatory which contradicts the statement …show more content…
For starters many people would say the officers are just going their jobs when that’s not necessarily true. If you happen to look at the amount of African Americans and Latinos in prison you would be rather quite shocked. Police officers nowadays are racial profiling many. Unfortunately this is a huge problem for African Americans and Latinos because if a officer is racial profiling it’s a ninety percent chance you will be going to jail. Many officers are racist and still get through the academy with flying colors which is a problem for the people they are racist towards. “From 1980 to 2008, the number of people incarcerated in America quadrupled from roughly 500,000 to 2.3 million people.” In the prison system there is fifty-eight percent of African American and Latinos incarcerated. Lets not forget the fact that police officers are getting away with misconduct when they should be arrested themselves and thrown in jail. For Instance nine out of eleven cops are beating, robbing, and killing people. Now you even have a list of good cops who are lying to protect the bad cops. That’s the exact reason why the public eye has nothing but contempt, mistrust and out right hatred for them. Police officers are suppose ti be trained to handle the law, not abuse it in any shape or form. Just because an officer is not having the best day doesn’t give them the right to brutalize civilians. There should not be any excuse for brutality from the people who jobs is to protect civilians. I do not condone violence against anyone including the police. Something needs to change or “We the people” as the government would say must revolt against police brutality. We live in a country that supposed to ensure freedom. The laws need to change and so do the police system. Going back to Sandra Bland, pulling over someone for improper signal should never result in

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