Police Brutality In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

Police brutality is making headlines around the country and people are trying to get to the root of the problem. There are multiple reasonings as to why police today are brutal. Some believe it is because police are trained to be militaristic. They may also believe that police have to deal with situations that require them to be brutal for their own safety. While others believes that cops are brutal due to their training that influences racism for their decisions while policing.

In Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun, a Black American family wants to move into a house located in a white neighborhood to no longer live in an apartment. However after purchasing the house Mr. Lindner visits the family representing the white neighborhood
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It’s unfortunate how its anger is fueled by people’s moral opposition to racism when it should be fueled by what cops actually have to deal with. It’s also unfortunate how the media highlights whenever an event of police brutality whenever it occurs on a Black American and then claim that it was a racist act. When in reality most of the times it has nothing to do with the victim 's race. And people should actually be looking into true foundations of police brutality. A great example would be the government making the police more militaristic in their …show more content…
They have to make decisions on what they have to use to handle a situation and how to go about handling the situation in a matter of seconds. Leaving little time to think about what may be correct and leading to errors. An example of such situations would be what happened to patrolman John Slater. Mitchell Shaw explains in his article about John Slater’s incident. “He made a traffic stop… in the car were two men. Something in their behavior seemed suspicious, so after writing the driver the driver a ticket, Slater asked for permission to search the car. The driver said it would be all right” (Shaw 1). Still a normal traffic stop, however everything escalates when “he looked back into the car, his flashlight illuminated the passenger reaching under his shirt for a gun”(Shaw 1). Now Slater is in a life-threatening situation where if he has to protect himself. “Slater instinctively drew his sidearm”(Shaw 1). Then Shaw describes how the two men got it back in drive and Slater being dragged with the car speeding up. He then shot the two men in the vehicle so he could escape being dragged. In order to save his life he was required to kill the men. This shows the dangers of being a police officer. Having to deal with difficult situations so quickly causes you to rely on instinct. Similar situations occur for other officers as well and it’s not fair to look for flaws at officers when they deal with

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