Advantages And Disadvantages Of Creative Writing

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The third question is about the advantages and disadvantages of creative writing. They all point out that creative writing is very helpful in our classrooms. The fourth question is about the techniques that teacher’s use; all of the teachers use two methods. The first method is to finish a story and the second is to write a story. The fifth question is if the teachers do participate in creative writing groups, none of them did. How can a teacher that does not like learning about creative writing, teach about creative writing? According to the article some teachers say that creative writing takes time and lower achieving students can’t complete their homework.
The third article is: developing creative writing skills in early childhood explains
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Students are learning something from each writing format. For example, essay writing, research note taking, and reading to find evidence is important to incorporate into your lesson plan because it teaches students how to think deeply about what they are reading and not just look for answers within the text. However, Creative writing is important as well it teaches students how to express their thoughts freely and is a lot more enjoyable for the students as well. With creative writing you can see a student’s personal and thoughts and ideas come out, in research note taking their writing has boundaries. We want students to build a positive attitude when it comes to writing and a way we can do that is by using all the different formats of writing. This will show students that even though writing can be used to gather data and facts it can also be extremely enjoyable as …show more content…
Some of the research articles were based on one or both qualitative and quantitative research. None of this research articles were based on longitudinal research design or Cross-Sectional research design. I believe the validity and reliability of these articles is ok because though they have evidence that all formats of writing is useful their research can change do to the teachers and students they research. Though it was proven in the CCSS article that the students of teachers who were utilizing research taking, reading to find evidence and essay writing scored above the expected level on standardized tests. The teachers who were utilizing creative writing more scored at the level they were predicted to score on. Most of the research articles took place in schools with students who came from a low or middle socioeconomic status. The area of development that I am going to focus on is the cognitive and emotional area. In all these classrooms that the research was done in teachers have incorporated positive and negative reinforcements for students to listen to the instructions that they are giving. This makes it easier for the teacher to teach the students. The teachers in these articles are shaping students to be successful in different formats of writing whether it is essay writing, research note taking or creative writing. These students are shaping these students by telling them that this format of writing is

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