A Winter 's Tale - Original Writing Essay

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A Winter’s Tale
Bags, suitcases and clothes were all scattered around the house. We were all trying to get ready for the upcoming trip and we were so unprepared. Us kids, we’re just stuffing shirts, pants, socks and whatever we needed and mom and dad were ready a day before, but we were not, sadly. Zipping up the last of suitcases, we headed to Burlington coat factory for ski pants and coats. We made payment on the clothing and went back home. That night we were aroused, fired up for the trip and the snow. We couldn’t have anticipated for what type of journey was ahead of us. If only we knew what was coming.
We woke up early, ready to set off. Getting the last of our things into our Dodge van. “How long is this going to be until we get there?” my brother asked. “About 8 to 9 hours.” my dad responded. “So sit back and relax.” And off we went. From morning to night we drove until we reached our destination. Traffic was terrible but in retrospect, it is Christmas weekend. We stopped a few times to look at the scenery. I remember going up and over a mountain and having my ears pop. For lunch and dinner, we went Taco Bell and Golden Corral. Every mile we took, we had stopped for bathroom breaks because Zac has a bladder of a little girl. Darkness has fallen upon us and we were turning into the entrance. As we entered, we hit a rock that staggered us awake, “Sorry, did I wake you?” Dad said gently. “No,” my big brother Zac said after he let out a big yawn. Dad replied, “Well it…

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