Essay on A Speech On The And Call 911

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Visualize this, you are walking down the streets of downtown Toronto. You hear the sounds of construction cascading, the abrupt sounds of impatient drivers honking. You spot a middle aged businessman walking in front of you. He is tall, well-dressed, trimmed. Suddenly, he spasms, collapsing to the ground. Everybody around you is staring, but nobody attempts to do anything. You decide to take action and perform CPR and call 911. Now, only at this point, everybody else decides to jump in and assist. Although everybody was in a group observing, nobody decided to help until one person made the effort. Keeping that in mind, we are all sitting here in 4U English, with the majority of us aspiring to gain acceptance to our university of choice, and with a numerous amount of us working rigorously to do so. Yet, in the recent years, students seem to have become smarter. Or have they? With university cut off averages skyrocketing and programs requiring 85, 90, even 95% averages becoming more prevalent, many twelfth graders have decided to take the necessary precautions to ensure that they remain competitive. A noticeable percentage of our twelfth grade peers believe they have stumbled upon a loophole in the education system by flocking to private schools, but have yet to succumb to the consequences of their purchased grades. High school students, even those who once attended Fletcher’s Meadow, who purchased their grades are now; failing courses in university, taking the limited spots…

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