A Good Guy With A Gun By Adam Weinstein Essay

763 Words Feb 16th, 2016 4 Pages
It’s Really Hard to Be a Good Guy with a Gun by Adam Weinstein focuses on the issues that surround having a concealed weapons license and the moral dilemma that follows when one wonders when and where would it be appropriate to use it. Weinstein mentions that while he still has a concealed weapons permit he no longer carries around a weapon because he is unsure if he could appropriately identify the right time to use it. Weinstein also addresses the how gun violence is increasing and those “good guys with guns” are unable to use their weapons to reduce this statistic by properly protecting themselves and others. Weinstein begins with a personal story, explaining a conversation he had with his wife one day about a man named Joseph Robert Wilcox and his attempt to stop cop-killer Jerad Miller which inevitably lead to Wilcox’s death. By bringing up this story and then delving into Weinstein’s personal opinion on guns and how this story has changed his out look slightly, highlights his central message for this piece. Weinstein isn’t attempting to defend or oppose the gun control fight but instead uses this story to explain the issue with owning a gun and trying to be a hero with it. He then goes on to explain the systematic problems surrounding the easiness of obtaining a concealed weapons license. Weinstein discuss how legislation has made it easier now more than ever to acquire a concealed weapons license. He also goes on to mention that the once required classes to attain…

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