A Brief Note On Slippery Road, Reckless Driver, By A Site Of A Terrible Car Crash

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Ever driven by a site of a terrible car crash? All these police cars are scattered with their sirens going off in the background. The cars on the road are all stopped and car pieces are all over the street. One or two people are on the side of the road crying as their loved ones get put in the ambulance. What is the cause of all of this? There are many reasons: slippery road, reckless driver, animal in the street, the list can go on forever. People cannot avoid those reasons, but people can avoid texting while driving, which is also a major cause in car accidents. The action of picking up the device, leaving only one hand on the wheel, and leaving the sight of the road and onto the phone screen, can be a huge problem. All of this trouble caused by a piece of metal. Is this how anyone wants to die? One lousy move and they are gone - or if they are lucky, they will become seriously injured which will change their life forever. Due to the dangerous consequences that can happen, car drivers should be prohibited from using their cell phones while driving. As a matter of fact, texting and driving happens more often than most people think. This is a problem because this means more and more highly dangerous car crashes will happen each year. In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that 18% of all car crashes were caused by distracted drivers. Out of these car accidents, 3,328 people were killed and 421,000 people got injured. Also in this…

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