Yuan Dynasty

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  • Effects Of China In Medieval Europe

    medieval era China was one of the most sophisticated countries in the world, superior to even Europe. In 618 China was unified under the reign of the Li family, who started the Tang Dynasty. during this time China expanded its influence by demanding tribute from Korea and Vietnam. A universal law code was made, and the dynasty reintroduced confucian scholars running the government. The 1,100 mile Grand Canal was built, which linked the Yellow River in northern China with the Yangzi River in…

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  • Marco Polo Research Paper

    Marco polo the greatest explorer ever the world's greatest explorer was Marco Polo. Known for his travels to China, the book he wrote about his expeditions, The Travels of Marco Polo, and his sharing of Asian Spices, marked him as a great influence in the13th century and beyond. Despite his enduring fame, very little was known about the personal life of Marco Polo.Marco Polo explored most of Asia and some of the Middle East. Marco Polo didn't travel alone, he had his father and uncle with him.…

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  • Visual Analysis Art

    On a saturday afternoon, visiting the Pacific Asia Museum as I walked in I have noticed how small the place is but there is an amazing amount of variety of art collection. When I walked in, the people around me are admiring each of the art pieces from the display. Walking to a quiet area, each individual are grasping every moments of how fantastic the pieces are. One of the part that captured my attention is that I absolutely loved is that some of the art pieces are passed down as generations…

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  • Injustice To Dou E Analysis

    Guan Hanqing was an acclaimed Zaju dramatist of the Yuan Dynasty, and one of the delegate figures of old Chinese musical show play essayists too(West, Stephen H.70). His best-known work is Injustice to Dou E, which is one of the four extraordinary tragedies of the Yuan Drama, the other three pieces of his work are; Autumn in the Han Palace by Ma Zhiyuan, The Firmiana Rain by Bai Pu and The Orphan of Zhao by Ji Junxiang. The Injustice to Dou remains one of Guan’s greatest pieces of writing. The…

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  • How Did Egypt Build An Empire

    could either build or destroy an empire; in which Egypt experienced both. Egypt tremendously influenced the Chinese way of leadership in relation to the rise and fall type of dynasty. In early Egypt the rule was hereditary until the dynasty collapsed and a new dynasty came into power. Typically the first ruler of the dynasty had higher qualities of virtue, leadership, and good since of control and diplomacy. However, the following kings, who were either sons or grandsons, had corrupt and lazy…

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  • The Tang Dynasty: The Golden Age Of Ancient China

    The Tang Dynasty is an important aspect of Chinese history. Lasting from 618 AD to 907 AD, under the control of many great emperors, the Tang Dynasty received the nickname “The Golden Age of Ancient China” because it was a very prosperous time. They are well known for their poetry, painting, tricolored glazed pottery, and woodblock printing. It followed the Sui Dynasty, which failed under Emperor Yang. He was a tyrant and because of this, the people rebelled and the Sui Dynasty was overthrown…

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  • Song Dynasty: Two Separate Periods

    Song Dynasty The last of the dynasties was the Song dynasty is divided into two separate periods: The Northern Song from 960-1126 A.D. and the Southern Song from 1126-1279 A.D. It was followed by the Yuan dynasty and it succeeded five dynasties and ten kingdoms. It was the first to issue paper money and bank notes. It was likewise the first to receive a permanent navy. Also, the first to use gunpowder and the first discernment of true north using a scope. It divided up into two discrete periods,…

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  • Sui Dynasty Research Paper

    the Sui Dynasty is in distress as the emperor has been surrounded by the Türks, which was one of the 200 rebellion groups, at a place called Wild Goose Gate in northern Shanxi. Li Yuan (Duke of Tang), who is the maternal cousin of the Sui emperor, got word of this and led a rescue mission for his cousin. The rescue mission was successful and the Sui Emperor fled to his refuge in the south. The Sui emperor felt uneasy with his cousin so he sent two officers to keep watch of Li Yuan. Li Yuan…

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  • Korean History

    conquest of China. During this time Korea was a tributary state for the Ming Dynasty, sending missions bearing gifts in exchange for protection. The Ming Dynasty and Korea teamed up to defeat the Japanese, but the war devastated the peninsula. The Qing Empire of Manchuria began by pressuring the Koreans to renounce their loyalty to the Ming court. In 1636, eight years before they took control of China and established their dynasty, the Manchus had forced the Korean government to submit to their…

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  • Compare And Contrast China After 1911 Revolution

    China to survive in the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, many people in China started joining the revolutionary movements led by Dr. Sun Yixian, and as a result, this led to the outbreak of the 1911 Revolution. However, during the Qing Dynasty and after 1911 Revolution, China was in chaos in both periods. In both periods, people suffered a lot. Although after 1911 Revolution, the situation of people living in China was comparatively much better than that of under the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, I am…

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