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  • Summary Of The First Opium War By Duncan Macherson

    In excerpts of Duncan MacPherson’s memoir of the First Opium War (April 1840-August 1842), Two Years in China, MacPherson describes the events of the war along with what he believed about China and its people. He justifies British actions in the Opium War and the British opium trade by claiming that describing Chinese people are inferior to the British. Other times, he compliments China, but possibly only for the purpose of justifying and promoting the opium trade. The memoir displays examples…

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  • Essay On Daoism And Confucianism

    Introduction During the age of the Hundred Schools of Thought, a term coined for an era from 770 to 221 BCE of significant cultural and intellectual expansion in China, a time when philosophers and schools flourished, Mohism, Daoism, Confucianism, and Legalism each wanted to make a claim as to how Chinese civilizations should run. Mohism was founded by Mo Tzu (470 – 391 BCE), a Chinese philosopher whose thoughts were driven by notions of utilitarianism, who also established the School of Mo…

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  • Flowers Of Shanghai Theme

    8. Flowers of Shanghai (Hou Hsiao Hsen, 1998) At the finale of the 19th century, Shanghai is divides among zones of foreign influence. In the British one, a number of luxurious "Flower Houses" address the needs of the male elite. The Chinese dignitaries were forbidden to attend brothels and the aforementioned houses are their sole choice for pleasure. However, those men visit the Flower Houses not solely for the companionship of the courtesans, but also to smoke opium, dine and play Mahjong. The…

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  • Essay On Daodejing Culture

    Introduction The Daodejing or the Tao Te Ching, the work of the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu or Laozi dates back to the late 6th century BC according to some counts and to the late 4th century BC according to others. We can thus safely say that this “Book of the Way” was written in a period well before our times. However, when one reads the interpretations of this book by John Heider and other modern translators, one finds that the teachings are as relevant today as they were then, or, to be…

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  • Chinese Exclusion Act 2003 Analysis

    Reading Questions: 3. The Chinese Exclusion Act was the first major piece of immigration legislation in the United States and set a path for immigration in the 20th century. In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act was created and it only affected Chinese Laborers. This act made it illegal for Chinese laborers to enter the United States, but continued to allow merchants and teachers from China into the country. The textbook stated that the act was renewed in 1892, and made permanent in 1902, and…

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  • Someone's Watching Over Me Analysis

    The song “Someone’s Watching Over Me” by Hilary Duff is about someone finally finding themselves and becoming comfortable with who they are after struggling with their identity for some time. I feel that this song aptly conveys Jing-mei Woo’s character traits, emotions, thoughts and predicament as an adult after the passing of her mother, Suyuan woo as she too had a prejudice against her Chinese self. As a child, Jing-mei had always detested her Chinese culture and “had vigorously denied that…

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  • Loss Of Innocence In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

    The book Persepolis tells the story of young Marjane Satrapi and her experience during the Islamic Revolution. Starting at ten years old, she endured things that are incomprehensible to most others. Marjane Satrapi’s perspective in Persepolis affected her view of religion, her loss of innocents, and her knowledge on social classes. Throughout her journey, Marjane gained knowledge on many serious topics; completely transforming her childhood into somewhat of a nightmare. Loss of innocence is…

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  • Filial Piety In Hong Kongzi

    Throughout the long history of China, there are many extraordinary thoughts created by a lot of famous philosophers. Although there are many different schools of teachings and most of them are in opposition to each other, they still share some similarities. In the textbook, Kongzi and Laozi’s teachings serve as a good example. In the Analects, Kongzi emphasizes on ren and xiao which mean benevolence and filial piety, respectively. He believes that filial piety and benevolence are interconnected…

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  • Windmill App: A New Wave Of Globalization In Indonesia

    The process of globalisation involves the interaction and integration among people, organisations, and governments of different countries. For more than thousands of years, people and organisations have been purchasing from and selling to each other in distant geographical locations. For instance, this trading is evident through the famed Silk Road across Central Asia connecting China and Europe during middle ages. However, policy and technological developments of past few years have spurred…

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  • Marriage Relationships In Tudor Political Drama By Winkelman

    Marriage Relationships in Tudor Political Drama looks at court dramas from Tudor England (1485 - 1603) to put together a historical account on political theatre. Winkelman argues that “court interludes constituted a vital medium for interventionist advocacy about matrimony.” (201) He takes Tudor marriages as his main point of study to discern the role of court productions in influencing politics. Winkelman believes that theatrical productions correspond with the political concerns of the time so…

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