Women's rights

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  • Popular Protests Of Women During The 19th Century

    During the 19th century, women had almost no access to political power. Despite this exclusion, women did not remain entirely excluded from the public sphere. From the “White Feather Girls”, to the suffragettes as well as the women's popular protests in Berlin, women worked to remain as involved as possible in the political sphere despite the many boundaries that faced them. From middle to working class women of all social statuses came together to help shape the society in which they lived as…

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  • Arguments Against Feminist Ethics

    Feminist ethics is attempt to revise or reconstruct traditional ethics so that it values women’s moral experiences, which discount the experiences and views of women in a way that invalidate these models. The female experiences is distinct and has a common thread with over half of the world’s population, making this field of ethics highly applicable. These subjects have been formally regarded as trivial subjects by traditional ethics, thereby implying that women are not as morally profound as…

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  • Gender Inequalities In The Criminal Justice System

    relatively new thing. Women first entered into law enforcement and corrections in the United States during the early nineteenth century. However, women were not given the same responsibilities and opportunities until U.S. Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Opportunity Employment Act of 1972. In 1845, New York Police Department became the first police agency to hire a women to only work in the capacity of matrons or social workers that assisted with women and children. It…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's Speech

    Since 1848, women in America have fought to have the same rights and treatment as men. Years of protest have changed little to almost nothing on how many people see women fighting for justice, but as women complaining about their life. This was all to be changed in 1995 as the first lady gave a speech that would change the minds of many, and even the world. Hillary Clinton was at the U.N world conference on women when she had given her most iconic speech. Her speech was able to reach the hearts…

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  • The Role Of Freedom In The Handmaid's Tale

    In the past, women had little to no rights, especially political rights. Overtime, women gained the rights to do the things women today are free to do. It started out with women gaining the freedom to divorce and keep their own money as opposed to letting the husband deal with all the finances. This later progressed to freedoms such as the freedom to vote or freedom to have an abortion. The addition of these rights was an attempt to give equal rights and freedoms to both genders and to improve…

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  • Virmati's Freedom Struggle

    Virmati struggles all her life for happiness but fails at every stage. She represents all the Indian women who starved for self-identity and a proper place in the society. The novel explores the idea that though India achieved freedom, Indian women are still struggling for their own independence. The fight for female autonomy and separate identity is still in the process. If a woman tries to go beyond her boundaries, she is cast away from the society. She becomes alienated from her own family.…

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  • Themes In Crystal Eastman's Now We Can Begin

    feminist author, Crystal Eastman, in her speech, “Now We Can Begin” apostles the importance of how women should fight for the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which granted American women the right to vote. Eastman’s purpose is to highlight how women should be able to vote and have basic equal rights which play a vital role in every woman’s life, along with bringing forth the faults in the stereotypical system and its inability to properly prepare women for their futures. She uncovers…

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  • Iron Jawed Angels Movie Review

    depicted the women's suffragist movement during 1869-1914. On the brink of World War One, women all across America decided that their time to vote and participate in politics was now, and fought for their rights as citizens of the Unites States of America. The movie focuses on the life of Alice Paul (acted by Hillary Swank), as she separated herself from the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA), and formed the National Women's Party (NWP) to help women gain the right to vote.…

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  • Wollstonecraft's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women

    Over time women’s rights and the way they are viewed by society have changed. During the pre-colonial time, women did not have the same rights they do today. Many common ways women were oppressed in pre-colonial time would not be considered acceptable today. When it comes to the topic of women’s rights during the pre-colonial times versus women’s rights today, most people will readily agree that women during pre-colonial times had a very limited amount of rights and have advanced today. In…

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  • Women's March To Versailles

    the women’s march to Versailles. This major event gave a voice to a class of citizens that did not have one. There were multiple sides to this revolution, the aristocrats in the upper-class, and the lower-class peasants. The success of the revolution was towards the lower-class citizens as they had a collective-conscious to stand up to the King. The aristocrats perceived this as an unnecessary uprising against the regime. One of the outcomes of this uprising is the start of the basic rights of…

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