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  • The Confidence Gap Analysis

    Confidence: A Different Tool to Break Through the Glass Ceiling? Women’s rights has almost always been a theme in the history of our society for the past few centuries, but today it is important in the professional sense. As a society we have been slowly but steadily making progress in gender equality in a variety of forms, but as one of the most progressive countries in the world, why are only 4% of the Fortune 500 CEOs women? In “The Confidence Gap”, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman examine the difference in confidence levels between men and women, and how this disparity can change. When ABC News’ Kay and BBC’s Shipman teamed together to write their book Womenomics, which explored positive changes that benefit women, they discovered a common…

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  • Gender Inequality In Economic Inequality

    are more women in senior management with 39% of CFOs,45% of COOs and 9% of CEOs being women,and this serves as a positive indicator of gender equality in the workforce. (BizWire,2013) China has introduced the small-sum guaranteed loan with financial discount to promote entrepreneurship amongst women. Since 2009, a total of 222.06 billion yuan has been issued in small discount loans and helping millions of women with their new businesses and careers.The number of female entrepreneurs now accounts…

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  • Ageing Population In Japan

    fertility rate is manifested by a similarly low marriage rate. Younger Japanese generations are turning to the “celibacy syndrome” which is when they refuse to date, get married and have sexual intercourse. Statically, the average age for a woman’s first marriage is 29.3 years old and 30.4 years old when she gives birth to her first child. This is explained by the majority which is in order pursuit their careers. Moreover, such reasoning is further discloses when women are pressured to follow…

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  • Abenomics Case Study

    develops, it is only a question of when. In the words of CNN, Shinzo Abe’s “third arrow -- economic reform -- has flown wide of the target” [16]. While his reform has yet to cause any positive jump in Japan’s economy, the slow and steady recovery has kept him from giving up entirely. Especially when considering some of the harsh effects of rising energy prices, Japan is not doing so bad, they are keeping up with many other economies. What is lacking from Abenomics is a plan to address the…

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