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  • Masculinity In Sports Essay

    appear more equal to men. Females in sports were a direct challenge to the idea of masculinity since white, males were supposed to be the only individuals capable of achieving greatness through sports and elsewhere in life. Since the view of females in more aggressive sports was not a friendly outlook, King fell in love with tennis. Even though tennis was a gentle sport that had not changed considerable from the country club past time it had been in the 1920s , King managed to add unladylike aggression. King adopted power tennis, a type of tennis that used attacking, serve and volley game that she learned from Alice Marble. This type of competitive play suited King’s personality well as opposed to the country club, who she had many disagreements with. King felt like an outsider when she practiced at the clubs courts mainly due to class and gender. On one incident, King was banned from being photographed with the rest of her team since she arrived at a tournament wearing tennis shorts as opposed to a tennis skirt. Since tennis was considered a sport acceptable for women to play, women were required to meet society’s expectations on their outward appearance. Tennis was not the only sport women were still expected to wear restricting clothing. In physical health classes, girl’s uniforms were large skirts with bloomers underneath and were normally an unattractive shade of blue or green. Unfortunately, the issues revolving around Kings’ fashion choices were not the only…

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  • Sexism In Sports Essay

    Court. Billie Jean King finally accepted his request to play her after few times. The winner would get 100,000 a win takes all match On September 20, 1973 in the astrodome in Houston in front of 30,492 fans. About 90 million people watching worldwide on television. She had to win for all women this was a very vital situation. If she didn’t win she said herself “I thought it would set us back 50 years if I didn’t win that match,” she said later. “It would ruin the women’s tour and affect all…

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  • Gender Framing In Sports

    Gender framing has been present in societies and cultures across the globe. There have been many instances where cultural values and upbringings have led to a view towards women athletes. The past few decades have been particularly eventful for women around the world. One thing prominent when comparing cultures from around the world is that there is a clear difference in viewpoint with each culture. I believe that there is are different views towards female athletes due to cultural aspects…

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  • Reading The Catsuit: Serena Williams And The Game Changer In Tennis

    normative white identity in women’s tennis. She has pushed the boundaries not only in tennis, but also throughout women’s sports with her masculine physique and her extraordinary abilities on the tennis court. Serena Williams should be noticed more for her game and the achievements she has gotten throughout her career and not just because of her gender, ethnicity, or the way she chooses to present herself. Her hard-work should be recognized as a game changer in tennis and people should…

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  • Billie Jean King's 'Battle Of The Sexes'

    On September 20th, 1973 Women’s tennis champion Billie Jean King took on Men’s tennis champion Bobby Riggs in Houston, Texas in a winner take all $100,000 tennis match. The match was nationally televised and was named the “Battle of the Sexes”. King would defeat Riggs 6-4, 6-3, 6-3, and become the first women to defeat a man in any sport. After the match, it is reported that Riggs “was devastated and isolated himself in his hotel room for four hours.” The match had an estimated 90 million…

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  • Lack Of Diversity In Tennis Essay

    The Olympic Games lead the world in showcasing a variety of foremost winter and summer sporting events. One principal sport includes tennis, a racket based, non-contact game played with one or two players on each side of the court. Tennis is played recreationally and competitively across the world. Tennis originated in England during the 19th century, but its role as an Olympic sport exhibits how it reaches numerous audiences worldwide. Tennis's universal presence suggests that it can be enjoyed…

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  • The Importance Of Learning Motor Skills

    and random practice is when all components of a multitask skill are practiced in random order. Constant practice is when only one class of skill is practiced and varied practice is when there are variations within the one class of skill (Amezdorz ET AL, 2010). Drill practice is practicing a skill repetitively and problem solving practice requires creativity, adaptability and involves several possible courses of action (Amezdroz ET AL, 2004). The types of practice most beneficial for associative…

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  • David Sandoval Analysis

    Anthropology Paper Introduction When I started playing tennis 7 years ago, I met David Sandoval who was one of the coaches that worked the junior development at Tennis West. He later became my personal coach and made me the player I am today. He has an extensive Tennis background and has been playing since the age of 8. I interviewed him where he explained his rituals that he does before and during matches. Some of those rituals he passed on to me but I also made some of my own. During the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Transition From High School To College

    curious as to the true nature and academic rigor of these classes. Another large and important aspect of my college experience here at Allegheny is being a part of the Tennis Team. Both the head and assistant coaches, Coach Luteran and Coach Covington respectively, have been very helpful so far with regard to integrating my tennis schedule into my academic schedule. Also, I now know all of my teammates, both men and women, and have developed friendships with all of them. From a social…

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  • Self Presentation Behavior Analysis Essay

    presentation and share more aspects of their identity than is typically portrayed in mainstream media coverage. While everyone should be able to portray their identity on social media, this article does a good job of showing the positive and negative consequences of online self-presentation. Due to the nature of the research project the researchers decided including both a content and textual analysis was important in examining a visual medium. They researchers chose to select sports that lent…

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