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  • Witchcraft In Colonial America

    suffer a witch to live." (Book of Exodus, Chapter 22, Verse 18) And with that line from the Holy text came a whole new wave of paranoia. In the 1600's this fear over took New England. What could this fear be of exactly? Economic issues, plagues and diseases, and of course, witches. This led to a chain of massacres, torture, and inhumane behavior throughout New England and Colonial America. Despite the idea of witchcraft showing up as early as the 14th century, an abundance of witch hunts…

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  • The Salem Witch Trials: A Dark Period In History

    The Salem Witch Trials can simply be described as the following: a dark period in history where unwarranted persecution and ignorance ran amuck in human society. This phrase summarizes the gist of many historical opinions generated by this horrific event. However, this phrase implies that witch hunts abruptly stopped after this dramatic and sickening period in history, unfortunately this assumption is false. The witch trials of Salem involved the execution of twenty residents, and the…

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  • Similarities Between Witch Trials And Hysteria

    Witch Hunts and Hysteria In the past and present no one has been safe from the Salem witch trials because people accuse and prosecute through fear and without proof. In the past the Puritans would accuse one another of Witchcraft and the only way to save themselves was by confessing to having practiced witchcraft and naming other witches; this really meant to accuse innocent people to save yourself. McCarthyism in the 1950’s was not really any different from the Salem witch trials, people were…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Great Witch Trials

    largest witch hunt in recorded history: the Great Witch Craze. Women especially were accused for a myriad of illogical reasons: being angry with a neighbor whose livestock fell ill or speaking out against the actions of the Church. Many scholars such as Nachman Ben-Yehuda believe that the European Craze was worst in France and Germany, though American scholars often claim the infamous Salem trials were the worst. The Salem Witch Trials are perhaps the most well…

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  • The Mccarthy Era And The Salem Witch Trials

    you. Well that's what happened in the Salem Witch Trials. There was also an era where people in America would get there lives ruined and there jobs taken away because of accusations. This was called the McCarthy Era. There were a few similarities and differences in the McCartthy Era and the Salem Witch trials. Here they are. There are very similar details from these times in America. During the Salem Witch Trials people were accused of being a witch or someone who performs witchcraft. If you…

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  • The Crucible Then And Now Analysis

    growing fear of Communists during the Cold War era and the mass hysteria that arose and resulted in witch hunts for them. Playwright Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in a climactic tone in order to discuss the issue of the Red Scare and the hunt for Communists. He specifically targeted everyday Americans that were involved or supported McCarthyism with the goal of creating an allegory between the Salem Witch Trials and the congressional trials of that time in the form of a play reflecting this…

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  • Xenophobia In The Crucible

    pre-constitutional america. As the country is constantly changing and evolving, sometimes the constitution itself seems to reflect the needs of a different time. With regards to this, A play such as the crucible stands as a reminder that there will always be “witch hunts” as long as there are people in positions of power, such as Reverend Hale, or more contemporarily, Donald Trump. It could be said that Trump, who has threatened to deport 11 million immigrants, to ban immigration to those of…

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  • Three Sovereigns For Sarah Essay

    Three Sovereigns for Sarah What I find interesting about this movie is the mere fact it did not touch on the European witch trials, which preceded the Salem witch trials in an attempt tried to minimize the atrocities committed during the witch hunts. In the movie, Three Sovereigns for Sarah, the most contributing factors of the Salem Witch Trials were King James, lack of education, and lack or respect for women. To put it briefly, the British senate passed a law that made…

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  • Persecution In The Salem Witch Trials

    The Persecution of Innocent Lives The period of witch hunting can be described by R.H Robbins as, “the shocking nightmare, the foulest crime and deepest shame of western civilization,” (“The Witch Hunts”). In Europe between the 15th and 18th centuries, around 60,000 ordinary people were imprisoned and sentenced to death over accusations of witchcraft. Witch-hunting had the crime of degrading women and attempting to put people under authoritative control. The misogynistic society and strict…

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