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  • Feudalism In Medieval England

    reduced the population – 1.5 million had been killed between 1348 and 1350 (historylearningsite). Alongside this, the king increased the taxes to fund the hundred year’s war; the peasants thus led a march on London led by Wat Tyler. The rebellion was a failure, however, as Wat Tyler was arrested early on and Richard II quashed the rebellion by promising a set of reform then going back on his word and ordering harsh punishments for those involved. Alongside this, another instance of the king…

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  • Medieval Weapons Assignment

    Medieval Weaponry Research Assignment By Kaelen Ruddell 01/04/16 Year 8 SOSE Assignment Semester 1 Term 1 Types of Medieval Swords: 1. Arming Swords 2. Broad Swords 3. Falchions 4. Long Swords 1. Definition of a “Sword”: a weapon with a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard, used for thrusting or striking and now typically worn as part of ceremonial dress. 1) Arming Swords: The Arming sword (commonly known as the knight’s sword) is a single hand cruciform sword of the high…

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  • The Role Of The Feudal System In Medieval Europe

    The Black Death had an important impact on the social structure in Medieval Europe both immediately and in the long term as the drastic decrease in labour resulted in the peasants fighting for a fairer governing system. Their job levels increased and through that, they were able to change their social status. The scarcity of peasants led to the breakdown of the feudal system and in order to recover the system, strict laws were placed. This began two major revolts: The Jacquerie, 1358 in France…

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  • Nike Maturity Stage Analysis

    decreasing market share, with the highest levels of competition it becomes increasingly challenging for companies to maintain their market share. Yet a company in the maturity stage can reduce costs with developments in production and more efficient wats to manufacture high volumes of product. Sometimes when a company is in the maturity stage they need to focus on a possible rebranding, finding a new target market and intensifying distribution and…

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  • Famine And The Black Death Analysis

    landlords fought back with legislation to decrease wages and reinstate old feudal dues. The monarchy’s tried to raise revenues by imposing a poll tax on each member in society. This led to the rebellion of both peasants and townspeople led by Wat Tyler and John Ball. Eventually the poll tax was eliminated, and most of the rebels were pardoned. The last revolts erupted in cities because commercial and industrial activity suffered by having oversupply in goods, while having a decrease in…

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