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  • Wangari Maathai: The Vision Of The Green Belt Movement In Kenya

    shelter, clothing and are even dying of hunger. Wangari Mathai had a vision. She was focused on restoring our environment and was willing to lend a hand to clean up the damages climate change had caused in her community. With the help of her vison and the Green belt Movement she founded, Kenya began to prosper. Crowds were cheering. Kenyans were celebrating. On December 12, 1963 Kenya gained its independence from the British and formed their own state. (History of Kenya) The first government that Kenya ever implemented was democratic. (Social Movements).They had the right mindset and aimed to free Africa…

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  • Comparing Winona Laduke And Akilah Jaramogi

    Nature and women intertwine dramatically. They both nourish and reproduce offspring. Even though they are both loving and nourishing, they are abused and misused daily. Typically, nature and women are victims of charismatic men. As humans, we often don’t appreciate the ones who care the most for us. In this analytical essay, I will discuss the intersectionality between three ambitious and empowering women. These women are Winona LaDuke, Wangari Maathai, and Akilah Jaramogi. These women are…

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  • The Green Belt Movement

    are at odds, a capitalist society seek to subdue and eradicate the obstacle impeding its capitalistic; however, Wangari Maathai’s environmentalist campaign against the Kenyan government demonstrates that commons can, in fact, be incorporated into capitalism. The contradiction arises in that Gidwani oversimplifies the issue of wastelands into purely economics and fails to see its sociopolitical and cultural roots. Whenever the cost of opposing something exceeds the benefits, capitalism redraws…

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  • Unbowed By Wangari Maathai: Analysis

    country goes completely from green to drought caused by industrializing, it loses its rescores due to deforestation, where communities depend on the resources for living, which then leads to poverty and violence. Wangari Maathai, in her memoir, “Unbowed” was telling the effects of deforestation and its horrible chain reaction in Kenya through her teary eyes. She was born in Kenya in 1940, where the colonization and industrialization of Britain caused violence and corruption, which impacted her…

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  • Ecological Feminist Analysis

    and cultivation. Therefore, women’s victimization enabled them to organize themselves in small groups to work together with the Chipko workers and Garthwal to gather support to stop deforestation. Women were able to see their connection between there environment and lifestyle but men were not because they were concern was with traditional economic development of India not with creating a substantive economy. These women were not considered feminists but acknowledged that their way of living was…

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  • Concept Of Integrity

    Midterm Document Essay: The Concept of Integrity in the Work of Parker Palmer, Wangari Maathai, and John O’Donohue Virtually all men can endure adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Mostly, integrity is an essential component in every individual's life, especially people with authority. Integrity means following your ethical persuasions and doing the right thing in all situations, even if no one is scrutinizing you. Having integrity means you are trustworthy to…

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  • Kikuyu Tribe Essay

    For instance bride price (dowry) payment is a must and an essential aspect in their marriages. Kikuyu Tribe Dominance in Kenya Politics and Leadership Apart from economic success, the Kikuyu tribe has for years dominated leadership and politics in Kenya. Kenya's first president, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was a Kikuyu. Kenya's third president, his Excellency Emilio Mwai Kibaki, likewise was a Kikuyu. The forth president of Kenya, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, is a Kikuyu. The late Professor…

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  • Garrett Hardin: The Population Bomb

    impact included that of, informing the public of the importance of preserving the ocean from the harm of humans and the harm resulting from the use of chemical pesticides. Alice Hamilton (1869-1970) – She was a known person for exposing the dangers of conditions within some factories. Some of her accomplishments include that of performing an important study pertaining to that of illness for industrial working conditions and became the first women to become a professor in the Harvard Medical…

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  • Fred Krupp's Argument Against The Clean Water Act

    tired so they rebelled, it all had bad consequences, but they still obtained what they wanted at the end; equality. Also, the people that are against animal cruelty and the green people. All those “small” protest like people call them, make a difference because they are standing up for what they belief in, they are giving a message. One group motioned on the Sustainable World Sourcebook is the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). They “chose to become climate-neutral with a program designed to…

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  • Second Poverty Reduction Strategies

    need to apply them in order to get a good harvest. So, through this sustainability-minded journey I have learned to be more conscious about the effects of our actions on the life of ecosystems. After looking at these examples from Burundi, Austria, and the United States, we can better understand the impact agricultural techniques have on the environment. Through poor techniques of monocropping and using harmful pesticides, countries have had a negative impact on the natural world. Yet, the…

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