War and Peace

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  • War And Peace Character Analysis Natasha

    Character Study: Natasha Natasha is an essential character in War and Peace that spans the book from beginning to end. She is the daughter in the Rostov family, dear friend of Pierre, and love interest of Andrei. She starts out as a young 12 year old girl that develops into a woman over the course of the book. Natasha is expected to come into her true self in the midst of war and family crisis. This character study will analyze Natasha’s development in War and Peace by exploring her beginnings, intermediate stage, reversion stages, blind moments, downfall, and her eventual coming to self. In the beginning of the novel, Natasha is not allowed to attend the initial party because of her youth. Though she is young, she is easily offended by the condescension with which adults outside her family treat her. She is playful and demanding as a young girl in telling Boris of his future with her. Though she is young, Natasha is quite a present figure and her presence takes over when she enters the room. She has wisdom beyond her years and she uses it in her advice to Pierre and as she confides her truest feelings in Pierre. Besides Pierre, Natasha’s…

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  • A Separate Peace Moral War Essay

    The Morality War In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the boys who attend the Devon School constantly fight between doing what is right and what is wrong. Eric Burdon, an international singer-songwriter, describes this fight by saying “Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It’s a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other.” In A Separate Peace, war and internal turmoil are important underlying themes. Both main characters, Gene and…

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  • War Symbolism In A Separate Peace

    World War II as a Symbol in A Separate Peace In A Separate Peace, John Knowles uses World War II to symbolize denial of conflict and feelings, the reality of impending adulthood, and internal conflict in the minds of Gene and Finny. The war and the question of whether or not to enlist are omnipresent worries in the minds of the boys at the Devon School in New Hampshire. Although World War II is a major conflict in the novel, the various forms of strife it symbolizes are much more significant in…

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  • Peace During The Cold War

    paper, Reflections on Theology and Peace, “peace is not the absence of war—peace is the absence of fear." In my opinion, the Cold War accurately demonstrates this definition of peace. The Cold War was a period in history where peace was nonexistent because of the fear present in the minds of Americans. The Cold War, despite being a drawn-out period of tension and hostilities between primarily the Soviet Union and the United States, had an absence of actual military conflict. Although there…

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  • 1984 Peace Vs War

    Resolving Conflict: War Versus Peace Throughout history, mankind has struggled to maintain a balance between war and peace. Individuals are continuously attempting to maintain peace, yet they struggle with the prominent reality of conflict and war. Historically, English thinkers have surmised that conflict is an inert quality, yet some think otherwise. Additionally, many people question whether peace or war is more effective in dealing with conflict. More recently, the Modernists—especially…

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  • Peace With Honor In The Vietnam War Analysis

    This investigation will explore the question: to what extent did Nixon achieve the ‘Peace with Honor’ in the Vietnam war? The scope of my research will assess Nixon’s ‘Peace of Honor’ statement given to Vietnam in the early 1970s to see if Nixon kept his words or not to South Vietnam to have peace with North Vietnam after the Vietnam war. The method used to gather evidence of whether or not Nixon’s achieved the ‘Peace of Honor’ will be determined by the range of primary and secondary sources,…

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  • What Is The Purpose Of War In A Separate Peace

    Although the war in Europe seems to have no immediate effect on the students inside the sheltered Devon School in John Knowles’ A Separate Peace, certain perspectives of the war reveal how its motive for peace dissembles the harsh reality of war and the adult world. First, after watching the video to encourage young enlisters to join the war, Leper is in awe at the beauty and elegance of the ski troops gliding down the mountain side. When Leper says, “I always thought the war would come for me…

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  • The Consequences Of War In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

    The Legacy and Consequences of War In his coming-of-age novel, A Separate Peace, John Knowles tells the story of Gene Forrester and the struggles he faces – both internal and external. While Gene’s external struggles revolve mainly around world affairs at large; his internal struggles prove to be his greatest obstacle to overcome. The following excerpt demonstrates the struggle of consequences as being like a chain-reaction and how it destructively affects his best friend Phineas, “I took a…

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  • 1984 Peace Without War

    Elad Jeselsohn Peace Without War? Over the course of the history of the world, there have been times of peace and as well as times of war. There have been places of war and places of peace. That is true on the national level. Yet, on the personal level, to achieve one hundred percent peace in all aspects of one’s life is almost impossible. Throughout the majority of the book 1984, whenever Winston…

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  • Peace Process Or War Processes By Daniel Pipes: Article Analysis

    In the article, “Peace process or war process? Israel and its enemies” by Daniel Pipes talk about how the peace process should be termed the war process. The main attempt in peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict was in 1993, where the prime minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, shook hands in the white house with a Palestinian leader, Yasir Arafat. They shook hands on the Oslo accords and this handshake was considered as a resemblance of peace. The Oslo Accords are a set of agreements between the…

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