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  • Rape In War Essay

    How did the use of rape come about in time of war? This is a question with many speculations and theories that coincide with how it come about. Rape is nothing new in this generation, rapes have been occurring for centuries. Rape is often times used during times of war. It is believed that rapes occur more during war time because of the thrill and control men typically get from it. No one is excluded from rape and it can happen to anyone. Rape has been a technique used in war for centuries and will be unfortunately continued. What is rape and what does it mean? According to Dictionary.com, rape is an unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, mouth, or any other body part of a person with or without force,…

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  • Women's Bodies Book Review

    Women’s Bodies: A Battleground of Sexuality and Violence Women in Eastern Europe were subjected to many horrors during the 20th century, both in times of peace and times of war. They had to endure war and the killing of civilians through bombs and general warfare, but there were also violences against women that were specific to women, including military brothels, rape camps, and sex trafficking. Besides these women had many problems to deal with in the household, domestic abuse was on the…

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  • Taasho System Of Comfort Women

    system of injustice became a government regulated institution built on oppression, in which the cost of the war was the freedom of women. Most scholars argue that many conditions within Japanese history, culture, and society led to the system that ultimately enslaved women within institutionalized prostitution. The democratic practice that was developed in the Taisho Period was ended by the authoritarian system of “ultra-nationalistic ideology.” This forced the nation to take the “deviant path…

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  • Contemporary Conflict Nature

    permitted states to take the methods of total war to new extremes.” One method arguably being the use of sexual violence. Furthermore developing a new ‘weapons of war’, were many innocent civilians are, "transformed from accidental victims…

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  • Analysis Of Rape In J. M. Coetzee's Disgrace

    we can explore, I have found an article that explores the controversies of rape as it is discussed in the book. The article I chose is called Rape and The Foundation of Nations in J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace, it is written by M. Van Wyk Smith. In this article he explores how the rape of Melanie and the rape of Lucy are related to our world. He also discusses how rape is almost common in our worlds history and that it is very daring for someone to talk about rape even in writing. He discusses how…

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  • Genocide As A Violation Of Human Rights Of Women

    For hundreds of years women were called the spoils of war, sexual violence was seen as a consequence of the armed conflict that would occur. These occurrences were not controlled or prevented by any government globally. However, in the last thirty years we as a international community have witnessed enormous advances to protect gender rights of women in wars. The international criminal tribunal for Yugoslavia and the International Criminal tribunal for Rwanda have successfully categorized sexual…

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  • The Genocide In Serbia

    of Kosovars…from their jobs, and made Kosovo ‘one large militia camp’” (Jones 319). Many people throughout Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina were also dismissed from their jobs at times without getting paid. This of-course only escalated the problem and grew the conflict. As the war began Serbian planes bombed cities and people continued to be discriminated against. No one was safe from harassment and the threat of death. The usage of snipers and spies left many living in great fear and in a…

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  • Compare The Various Forms Of Power

    shifted in the fight to alleviate climate change, as small nations unite. The influence that power has on society has progressed, as recently, power has been implemented through the intermediate of the media by several dominant institutions in order to attain and maintain the control of our society. The distribution of information now possesses potential bias formulating from dominant institutions, which re-direct their agendas through the public ideologies. Conversely, power can be sustained…

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  • The Physical Causes Of Rape Assault

    According to Oxford Dictionary, rape is defined as the crime, “typically committed by a man who forces himself onto women to have sexual intercourse against their will.” Despite all the initiatives taken by the government and non-government organisations such as the campaign against rape by Women's Movement in India and Saartjie Baartam Centre for Women and Children (SBCWC), the issue still lives among the people and has not instilled fear in rapists. Rape assault has become a common phenomenon…

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  • Susan Jacoby, One Of The Leading Causes Of Date Rape

    According to Susan Jacoby, one of the leading causes of date rape is simply mixed signals. The articles “Rape: A Bigger Danger Than Feminist Know” by Camille Paglia and “Common Decency” by Susan Jacoby both elaborate on the topic of rape and date rape. The two writers have much to say about this topic but each reach a different conclusion. Between these articles it is obvious that the stronger article is “Common Decency,” because her argument is more effective and balanced than that of Paglia…

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