Rape In War Essay

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How did the use of rape come about in time of war? This is a question with many speculations and theories that coincide with how it come about. Rape is nothing new in this generation, rapes have been occurring for centuries. Rape is often times used during times of war. It is believed that rapes occur more during war time because of the thrill and control men typically get from it. No one is excluded from rape and it can happen to anyone. Rape has been a technique used in war for centuries and will be unfortunately continued. What is rape and what does it mean? According to Dictionary.com, rape is an unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, mouth, or any other body part of a person with or without force, …show more content…
It is not known when this stared or why it began. There are speculation on how this horrific encounter began. It was believed that soldiers began using rape as a tool in times of war. Soldiers would often use rape to prove a military or political objective according to the United Nations. Rapes often were committed in time of war to terrorize the people, break up families, demolish communities, and sometimes change the ethnic make-up for future generation. It was also stated that rapes were meant to infect women with HIV or other diseases to prevent them from reproducing. In 1998 the UN Report had mentioned sexual violence and armed conflict which brought up the use of rape during war. In 2007, the UN set up agencies and groups to prevent sexual violence and have support for the people who have endured it as stated by the United Nations. There have been many groups and agencies dedicated to help victims of rapes committed in times of war. There are many cases that there are survivors of rape, but there are many occasions where there are no survivors. Sexual violence and rape is a serious issue that is faced all around the world. Rapes can arise due to many reason, primarily in times of war. Most cases it is women and young girls who are the ones targeted and raped. Rape is seem as a barbaric tactic in times of war, and can be detrimental in most cases, according to Brooks. Rape not only affects the victim physically but also

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