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  • Summary Of Kenneth Jackson's Crabgrass Frontier

    Kenneth Jackson contends in Crabgrass Frontier, that the development of the skyscraper with the telephone and elevator emphasized the vigor of the American city in the 19th century, “but the extraordinary prosperity and vitality of most urban cores between 1890 and 1950 cannot be understood without reference to the streetcar systems.” Unlike cable cars or the railroad, streetcars highlighted the business district and connected the people to the heart of the city. The streetcar enabled…

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  • 1950s Vs Today Essay

    is 25 years+, increasing the number of older women having children with less of a range of child bearing years. The 1950s had the healthiest generation to date that far in American history. Throughout this time, urban downtown areas began declining due to the large move to suburban areas, they wanted to restrict access in these suburban…

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  • Daniel Hudson Burnham's City Beautiful Movement

    the peripheral regions, respectively. No economically progressing country has ever been able to avert its occurrence, which is inevitable and challenging. The daunting task of intelligently designing and confirming sanity and sustainability for an urban canvas is a multidimensional and multi / cross disciplinary endeavour. This demands retrospective understanding of the place and its people; anticipatory sense to forecast and strategize; and awareness about the practices worldwide and…

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  • Essay On Cysticercosis

    proglottids are ingested. Once the eggs are hatched, they become an onchospheres that penetrates the intestinal wall allowing the cysticercus to form in different organs throughout the body. Cysticercosis is primarily found in low-social economic areas in Latin America, Asia, and Africa within insalubrious…

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  • 9500 Markham Case Study

    population and development. As population increases, so will the need for housing and recreational space; this is the feature that made Markham’s urban design livable. At 9500 Markham Rd., the construction of Upper Village Condominium is occurring and already has one of the two condominiums built. This is an effective example of successful livability in urban design, because it’s cheaper to live in than a mansion, includes convenient retail shops and surrounded by other commercial land uses, and…

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  • Essay On Depopulation In Japan

    Miyoshi city must secure a stable influx of working population, which is feasible by promoting enterprises to launch satellite offices, and start-up companies to base in city. An analysis of economic history of Miyoshi city, evaluation of impacts of urban agglomeration to companies, and a scrutiny of the city’s living condition, will support the validity of this claim. The foremost cause of Miyoshi city’s depopulation crisis lies in rapid deterioration of its industry and agriculture, and…

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  • Variables Of Interest Case Study

    this sample (N-30), 86.7% (26 out of 30) of the participants are above poverty level when compared to 13.3% (4 out of 30) below poverty level. Urbanicity - Urbanicity is a nominal variable. More than half of the sample, 60% (18 out of 30) form the urban participants when compared to 26.7% (8 out of 30) of suburban and 13.3% (4 out of 30) of rural…

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  • Importance Of Urbanization

    factors to increase the economic density. With the accelerated development of the urbanization, more and more rural population swarms into city, which will ask for more housing and a good living environment quality objectively, so that the building area is expanding gradually in space. In addition, in the process of urbanization, with the production factors and labor force gathered in the city continuously, the city industrial structure will be upgraded and optimized; the productive and…

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  • Public Transport Case Study

    people. Daily transport on the subway is not so crowded as road-way transport and suburban railway even during the time of work peak, passengers are mostly of well-dressed people with higher income as tickets of 10 to 40 rupee is not affordable for the urban…

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  • Youth Violence In Urban Areas Essay

     The problem that is being focused on is youth violence in urban areas. The violent youth crime is a large problem in urban areas today, and by finding ways to help our youth with the issue of violent behavior will have a significant impact on the individual’s future, as well as making a stronger pathway for future generations. The reason this is an important topic is because the career that is being pursued is about helping adolescents that struggle with problems at home. There can be a…

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