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  • The Influence Of Ghalib's Family

    full attention to the writing and editing of poetry exclusively in ancient Persian (Russel and Islam, Ghalib 133). While there are many other incidents and details that would add color to the life of Ghalib, this will do for a rough illustration of his person and activities. Ghalib, as aforementioned, was living through the schism of British India and Mughal India. He is often thought of as one of the great poets of the Mughal era, but this should be misconstrued to mean that he was a Mughal poet. Indeed, contrary to that opinion, his Urdu poetry was of questionable quality and it was his Persian poetry that originally drew the interest of the court. Ghalib himself had little love for his Urdu writing and “whenever it came under attack he tended to reply by an aggressive assertion of his excellence in Persian” (Russel and Islam, Ghalib 27). However, since he is now more famous and beloved for his ghazals, it is impossible to say that his Urdu was not at the height of conventional artistry. Like all poets of the time, he required a shāgrid, a master, to develop his abilities in order to be palatable to critics of the day (Russel and Islam, Three Mughal Poets 3). As it so happened, he was taken under the wing of Kale Shah, the murshid (spiritual tutor) of the King. Ghalib was therefore intimately associated with the philosophy of the dynast, but was not necessarily friendly to it. Zauq, a great rival of Ghalib, was the King’s poetry teacher and Mughal poet laureate (Russel and…

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  • Republic Of India Case Study

    Policies dividing states already troubled by discrimination and gross systemic inequality are perplexing and illogical, more so in countries already plagued by multiple types of division. A special case of this type of rule is the Republic of India, in which the country is divided politically as the cause of different regions taking on different identities through the recognition of multiple languages as being national. This has led to many regions institutionally standardizing different…

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  • Religious Differences Between Islam And Muslims

    politics as they are not eligibly correct to do politics . Sir Syed realized that fall of Muslims is due to backward in modern education . Muslims lost their past glory because of not going with modern society . They can only regain this glory by getting modern education . Urdu-Hindi Controversy : Urdu was made in India .Urdu means "language of troops". It was made to communicate different people from different regions of world in subcontinent. It is mixture of…

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  • Separation Of East Pakistan Case Study

    to West Pakistan. This can be a reason that Pakistan went out of her way to elect from her selected people 6 Urdu speaking non Pakistani which includes Mr. Liaqat Ali khan first prime minister of Pakistan. Mr. Tamizuddin khan who is known by his constitutional fight on 1954 against the governor general held the…

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  • Importance Of English In Pakistan Essay

    Pakistan’s education policy has evolved since freedom in 1947. But the educational policy of using English and Urdu together stayed throughout. In Pakistan English is taken only as an examination subject. It is perceived as the essential function of teaching English in schools, in Pakistan, is to prepare students to take the exam. Passing examinations in English then opens ways to larger amounts of learning and to business opportunities. English is critical for social portability and entrance to…

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  • Ayub Khan Case Study

    no connection between East and West Pakistan and there was almost a 2000 km long boundary that separates the two wings. Due to which no proper connection was maintained between the two wings. Army could not reach there in emergencies such as in Dhaka clashes in 1952 because of the immense distance and no proper facility of helicopters in the country. Another reason for separation was the language clashes. Till 1956, only Urdu was considered to be the national language of Pakistan while the…

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  • The Fall Of East Pakistan Case Study

    It gave world a gesture that Pakistan is made only for the Muslims and the people who speak Urdu language. A mindset of not secure Pakistan for non-Muslims was promoted. The military of Pakistan which was considered to be the most powerful institution in the country suffered a lot. The East Pakistan produced a large amount of jute, and other it contributed round about fifty to sixty percent of our total exports. So, it affected our economy as well. The main cause (“Two Nation Theory”) on which…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Shahrazad's Golden Leopard

    and pattern of organization of the story is Chronological. The story is written in an informal way (narration). The story is effective in communicating its message, by the usage of pathos appeal to describe situation of Shahrazad. On the other hand, the writer only presented point of view of Shahrazad. He had not justified the views of the mother, regardless of her rudeness. The mother was thinking of betterment of her child. The text is surly meeting its purpose of entertainment by playing with…

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  • English In Bollywood Case Study

    English movies like the breakthrough movie -- Bachchan's 2005 film Black, a smash hit based on the life story of a girl who transcended the twin disabilities of blindness and deafness. Loosely based on the experiences of Helen Keller, Black was a Hindi movie, but a large part of the dialogue was in English. In this way, Bollywood's decision to craft home-grown English films makes commercial sense. 4.The Modern Trend in Bollywood Within a historical record, the charm of Urdu constitutes a…

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  • Geography Of Pakistan Essay

    English is one of the official languages that is taught in schools, it is used by the government and the well educated. Urdu is the other official language. They are considering replacing English with Urdu because it is the nation 's unifying language. While only eight percent of the population speaks Urdu as a first language, most people speak it in addition to their own. The provinces are free to use their own regional languages and dialects. The major languages of the region correlate with…

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