Urban renewal

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  • Urban Renewal In New Haven

    not a story that common person would know, but it has been a city that many have examined because it has a unique story in its urban renewal experience. However, the implications of urban renewal in New Haven…

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  • Urban Renewal And The Housing Act Of 1949

    Urban Renewal started with the Housing Act of 1949. This program had some goals in mind which all sounded too good to be true. The goals were to eliminate substandard housing, revitalize city economies, construct better housing, and to reduce racial segregation. The way these goals were carried out were trough tearing down areas and then rebuilding them. Federal funds and eminent domain were used to keep this program going. After these areas were cleared then they became available to developers…

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  • Urban Renewal Phenomenon Analysis

    The article titled, “Root Shock: The Consequences of African American Dispossession”, penned by Mindy Thompson Fullilove, delves deep into the phenomenon of urban renewal. Now, the author goes on to elucidate how urban renewal was a process among many that went on to contribute to the de-urbanization of the cities of the United States. This happened during the last half of the 20th century (Fullilove 73). The writing highlights the fact that urban renewal was a very vital federal policy that…

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  • Halbwachs Collective Memory Analysis

    Historical preservation has been mostly understood by the means of preserving the physical artifact. However, in an urban context, what makes artifacts’ character “distinctive” and “definitive” is not only their physicality but also their memory. To this end, Also Rossi’s argues for “the soul of the city” as the city’s history, its memory. Although we all travel backward in time through memory, history and memory should be distinguished totally from each other, the former belongs to a specific…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Clementon

    She seemed excited to have a visitor who was interested in the town 's history. I asked her about the urban renewal project that modernized the town 36 years ago. She brought out some documents, but I didn 't have the time to plow through them. I just wanted to know why they bulldozed the downtown and replaced it with strip malls instead of trying to preserve the buildings for reuse, as other towns have done. She told me the stores were losing business to the large chains that were opening in…

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  • The Effects Of Gentrification On Urban Development

    Today, the growing impact of gentrification has made the urban development very susceptible. At this point, it is very important to mention the fact that the process of gentrification emerges under the impact of multiple factors, including but not limited to economic & social factors and globalization in general, which encourage consistent modifications in urban development. Socioeconomic and demographic changes are also a consequence of urban planning which is provoked by gentrification. On the…

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  • Essay On New Haven

    New Haven, a city in Connecticut, is notable for undergoing major changes during the city’s existence. It doesn’t offer images glamorous and lavish lifestyle like major US cities, or the dream of someone coming into this city and having it change their entire life. Nonetheless, it offers the idea of the American Dream, New Haven is a city where one can own a house a among the most modern and sophisticated infrastructures. Its history of development and redevelopment is an uncommon story,…

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  • Urbanization In Hong Kong Case Study

    2005. The problem of not enough housing estates for the rapid growth in population arosed. Other than that, the growing number of locals moved from rural areas to urban which led to rural-urban migration. The reason behind is that in rural areas, there are lack of community facilities and medical service which are the push factors. The developers, however, provide many attractions to attract people live in urban area. For example, Harbour One ,which is built by Emperor Ivestment Limited and…

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  • Aldo Rossi's The Architecture Of The City

    architect, was also an influential architectural theorist in the 20th-century. The Architecture of the City was published in 1984 which was his major work of architectural and urban theory. In the introduction, Rossi points out that the embodiment of artistic intentions and the creation of a better living environment are two eternal features of the building. The building gives the community a particular image and is closely related to society and nature. It is different from arts and sciences.…

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  • Motivation In North America

    The growth in popularity lead to the establishment and growth in commonality of advocacy consulting firms, community groups, and university planning departments such as the advocacy firm Urban Planning Aid or the Pratt Institute’s Center for Community and Environmental Development . Overall, Jacobs’ influence in community advocacy “showed people around the country that they could fight the urban renewal bulldozer—and win” when empowered enough by the advocacy groups . Again, even though Jacobs…

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