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  • Props Of Faith, From Floating In My Mother's Grace

    In the chapter “Props of Faith”, from Floating in My Mother’s Palm, Ursula Hegi states that, “Miracles happened that way. Even without saints. As long as you believed in them”(52). Having a strong believes is also the same as having a positive attitude. When believing in miracles, it creates a positive feeling where ones could continue to have a productive life and always think the best is going to happen. From the “Props of Faith”, Hanna tells a story about how she and her best friend Renate made up through their believes of miracles and faith. Hanna believed that Renate real parents were gypsies, since everyone believed that her current mother, a midwife, adopted Renate on a trip out-of-town. Renate is diagnosed with polio, which causes her left leg to be shorter and thinner than her right. Hanna did not notice this flaw in Renate until a classmate; Sybille Immers…

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  • Mulcay's Theory Of Bureaucracy

    Organizations in the twenty-first century are flattening hierarchies and empowering teams due to the need for constant innovation and technological advancements that change the ways people do things (Jones, 2012). In this case, Mulcahy was able to flatten Xerox’s management hierarchy and was able to streamline its operating units that consequently reduced the number of employees and cut on management and running costs by twenty-six percent. On the other hand, Mulcahy through the flattening of…

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  • Xerox Diversity

    million females employed in the United States (United States Census Bureau, 2015). In 2013 there were 75.5 million employed females in the labor force (United States Census Bureau, 2015). Xerox’s management was able to see that females in the workplace were beneficial to the company. They continued placing a strong emphasis on advancements within the corporation for minorities’ and females’ positions. Xerox created the Balanced Workforce Strategy or BWF. The team was aimed at…

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  • Essay On Women In Diversity

    degrees lead to more upper leadership positions (Green, 2014). Minorities due to race, ethnicity, or religion are also discriminated upon. Even in a century where we have an African American president, there is still racial bias in the workforce. Studies show that a hiring manager is more likely to hire someone with a white sounding name like “Jake” than someone with a name like “DeShawn.” According to thinkprogress.com, 1.2 percent of CEOs are black and 1.6 percent are Latino or Asian (Covert,…

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  • Xerox Diversity Case Study

    Xerox by providing them with different cultures where everyone is welcome despite their sexual orientation, race, sex or religion. Diversity is not look upon as a bad thing with Xerox, it is the driving force of their business and it keeps them up to date with fresh new ideas. For instance, Xerox hired women who were seen as home makes and not as skilled workers and provided them with the skills and knowledge to perform their duties, but also recognized that they needed to balance work and…

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  • Does Diversity Equal The Success Of Xerox?

    hiring minorities and also starts to hire females in their workforce. During the inflow of women in its workforce Xerox start to recognize women struggle balancing work and family commitments. In reaction to that situation, Xerox Human Resources initiated flextime, and other HR policies to continue a high level of productivity and satisfaction among its workforce. In 2007, the first African American female, Ursula Burns is named president of the Xerox Corporation (Schermerhorn, Osborne,…

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  • Dystopian Literature Analysis

    In science fiction, dystopias are used to depict the possible future of a world or city that has been through conflicts that developed the current world, in the text. Two scholarly journals that examine dystopias are ““Engaging “Apolitical” Adolescents: Analyzing the Popularity and Educational Potential of Dystopian Literature Post-9/11,” by Melissa Ames, and ““It Was the City Killed the Beast:” Nature, Technophobia, and the Cinema of the Urban Future,” by James Clapp. Three short stories that…

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  • Ursula Le Guin's The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

    Winners and losers A capitalist society is based on the idea that you can’t get ahead in life without stepping on someone else’s back. In Ursula Le Guin’s story “The ones who walk away from Omelas”, written in 1973, show a society where everyone is happy and full of life. This town is an almost utopian society when the story begins. Children are running and playing, and the narrator talks about how great the city is. However, the city is not as good as it seems. This is because the source of…

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  • The Dispossessed Ursula Le Guinn Analysis

    Ursula Le Guin “Dispossessed.” Ursula Le Guinn’s The Dispossessed is overtly political and reflects the conflicts of the time in which it was written, most particularly the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Does this work within or against the traditional nature of the science fiction genre in which she is writing? The over indulgence in the political reference by Ursula best suits the genre of science fiction. However, it is necessary to note that the period for this literary work has been…

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  • The Left Hand Of Darkness Gender Analysis

    instance, you see a man on the bathroom sign or a woman, even someone with disabilities and even babies. But where do transgendered people go if they don’t feel safe at either one? We need to make a change in this world just like the Eukamen want to unify all of the countries together in the book. Especially with the election that just happened we need now more than ever to be there for people. Help in any way we can to make sure that every person feels safe and stop the bigotry and hatred now…

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