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  • Asian Paints Case Study

    Bastian and Henry (2014) commented on the important fact that the paint industry is differentiated by the existence of the intermediaries that have very high power of influence on the purchasing decisions of the consumers, specially focusing on the urban areas. Asian Paints strategy is to acquire huge demand of the product by using the intermediaries. These intermediaries such as contractors, designers, painters, etc. are used as the marketing wing of the company. From the outlook of Daniel et…

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  • Overpopulation In Ho Chi Minh City Case Study

    Solution to overpopulation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Resettling migrants in suburban areas Imagine yourself together with three other people suffocating in one meter of land . That will be the first step for you to imagine how stifling it would be for the people who are living in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam. From a promising land that has high potential for full development, this metropolis has become overpopulated due to the “high level of unregistered rural migration” as well as “ the spread…

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  • Similarities And Similarities Between Rural And Rural Life

    Have you ever chosen to live in rural or urban areas? If yes, this article will discuss the differences and similarities between them. so that you can make the decision more clearly. Different human environments with varied manifestations, economic and social interests also affect the progress of mankind in many elements. As this happens a temporal event occurs spatially. As a result, urban and rural lives are different from each other in a lot of things such as types of activities, buildings,…

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  • Issues Of Urbanization In Canada

    cutting edge world, without it, we would all be lost. While nations are developing at a quick rate, the once "old" urban communities of the past are growing onto already un-involved grounds and even in some cases making new towns and urban areas. Rural areas of urban areas spring up everywhere throughout the world constantly, and populaces develop with them. Real territories or urban communities of nations are generally center points of monetary criticalness, and shape the nation into it's…

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  • Response To Urbanization

    Introduction The impacts of urbanization are felt not only on a global scale, but on a local scale as well. Specifically, in the recent past, there has been much research on large metropolitan areas and their response to urbanization (Liu 2015). These responses can be measured in various ways: air quality, vegetation health, water quality/management, etc. The responses are far reaching, but more importantly, they are interconnected. For example, air quality is dependent upon the health of…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Mindfulness In Education

    status, crime in the urban environment they live in, the schools these children go to all play a major part in why they do not believe they have a chance in furthering their education compared to adolescents who are enrolled in rural or suburban schools. By using mindfulness as a way to understand why this is and how it effects these school aged children and can be used to overcome this major problem in ethnically diverse communities in urban cities. Mindfulness Effects on Urban…

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  • Economic Inequality

    developed world, but also it has a large influence on the developing world. I noticed this on my trip to Ecuador with my school in which I spend a month in both urban society and rural society. The wide range of economic disparity demonstrated through the difference in living conditions was a clear indication of the inequality between the rural and urban people in Ecuador. Not only have I experienced great economic inequality on a personal level but also through research I have learnt of further…

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  • Sustainability And Human Health: Environmental Analysis

    Sustainability and human health are becoming a main concern for the environment. Due to the activities of humans that are affecting climate change there is an imposing threat to human health. As Madeline Thomson wrote the effects of climate change and overall effect on human health are becoming easier to understand (Thomson 6). The problem with climate change, however, is that it affects many parts of the ecosystem, which in turn affects the human health. Climate change is expected to affect…

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  • Urban Transportation In Rural America

    nation’s population in the world lives in urban areas. Even now, more and more people are moving into the cities for urban life. According to the Census Bureau data, in 2013, there are 2.3 million more people living in urban areas than in 2012. Now 269.9 million people live in urban cities and their surrounding areas. During 2012 and 2013, just 92 out of the country 's 381 metropolitan areas lost their population. (https://www.census.gov/geo/reference/ua/urban-rural-2013.html). Since 2010, the…

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  • Urban Development Essay

    What are some of the key factors which have driven and facilitated urban development over time? Referring to examples from New Zealand and other countries, explain some of the different types of contemporary cities. Introduction Urban development is constantly growing in today’s society due to the world’s population growth and many people are wanting to live in Urban areas opposed to rural areas. In the 30 year period between 2000 and 2030 the UN has estimated that the world population will…

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