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  • Gender Roles In Trifles

    Susan Glaspell Wrote Trifles to open a controversial subject that was over looked by society during the 1900s; the repression of women, which is depicted throughout the play. Glaspell use of stereotypes, and symbols to distinguish the roles of genders during the period the play was written in. The female characters in the Trifles are the main victims to stereotypical implication of how society viewed women. The drama shows that women were seen as inferior and even a 2nd class citizens compared to the men. Female roles were to be stay at home be wives, do chores and be mothers; women did not have many roles in in giving opines at home or in society because they were uneducated and emotionally week. Through the lines of the male characters the…

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  • Theme Of Gender In Trifles

    What is a "trifle"? The question is, are the things women worry over really trifles or, rather, relevant and important information? In this play, the "trifles" are the most important keys to finding the clues to solve this mystery. In short, these women are put down for their attention to detail and their insight into the minds and feelings of others. Glaspell makes it clear that the men and women in this play not only present "action vs. emotion" views to solving this mystery, they also…

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  • Theme Of Foreshadowing In Trifles

    In the world that surrounds everyone today, one may ask what dictates the happiness of a woman? Most people will say that often a woman’s happiness is correlated with her husband’s happiness. During the time period of Glaspell’s play Trifles, if the husband weren’t content, than his wife was usually made to be unhappy as well. The feeling of being miserable could drive a woman to search for her happiness in something else; she sometimes could find happiness in things such as pets, for example…

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  • Trifles Feminist Analysis

    While one always hears of the strength of male bonding, female bonding is something that is rarely ever brought up with positive connotations, if ever. This can be connected to the fact that, throughout history, there has been the thought among many that females do not get along well and bring out the poor side in each other in general. The thought that women would never stick up for each other or try to help each other, however, is disproved in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles and Lynn Nottage’s POOF!,…

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  • Trifles And The Sound Of A Voice Comparison Essay

    Both Trifles by Susan Glaspell and The Sound of a Voice by David Henry Hwang share common traits, despite the obvious differences. They share mysteries and certain portrayals of women during the time periods. These will be discussed along with any influences the authors had when they were writing these plays. The first common trait is the mysteries both plays hold. The murder mystery in Trifles, the mystery of who the woman is in The Sound of a Voice, and the mystery of why the man came to the…

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  • Condescending Of Women In Susan Glaspell's Trifles

    In the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell, the men are portrayed as condescending towards women. The play centers on the murder of John Wright who died in his bed by strangulation. His wife Minnie has been charged with the crime. When the play begins, the County Attorney, the neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Hale, and the Sheriff and his wife have come to collect things to take to Minnie in jail. In addition, the men want to look around the murder scene upstairs clues. The men never stop to think why such a…

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  • The Common Themes Of Lies In Trifles By Susan Glaspell

    “It 's not the lie that bothers me, it the insult of my intelligence that I find offensive.” Everyone was taught when they were little that lying is bad and the truth will get you further in life. In some aspects lying can get you out of trouble now, but that lie that you will tell will come back to get you in the future. Each play has a character that lies just to prove a point, to prove that they are strong. The Children 's Hour, Trifles and A Doll House all have one common theme; each play…

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  • Mrs. Wright's Differences In Trifles By Susan Glaspell

    In the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell, one would soon realize that this play is about trying to find a motive for the murder of John Wright. The men and women gather in the Wright’s house with the sole mission of trying to discover Mrs. Wright’s reason for killing her husband. Also in the beginning of the play, Mr. Hale says, “I guess you know about how much he talked himself, but I thought maybe if I went to the house and talked about it before his wife, though I said to Harry that I didn’t…

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  • A Jury Of Her Peers Film Analysis

    No Justice for the Short-film Judgment Was Minnie Foster going to quilt it or knot it? When this question arose in the short story A Jury of Her Peers, two women were slowly piecing together Minnie Foster’s murder mystery, and when the dominant male characters overhear the women’s conversation, they merely scoffed and couldn’t seem to understand why the women were worried about ‘trivial things’. Little did they know, it was the ‘trivial things’ that gave clues to figuring out the motive for…

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  • Trifles In Susan Glaspell's Trifle To The Truth

    Women Trifle to the Truth Trifles: a story of opposition, murder, and controversy. Susan Glaspell, writer of Trifles, gave society one of the first feminist stories in American history. Her story was risky in the 1900’s, but it gives us a lot of important information about that time now. For the first time, it makes the women look more intelligent than the men. The play begins when Mr. Wright is strangled to death in his own home. The sheriff, Mr. Hale, and the court attorney all search for…

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