Trifles Feminist Analysis

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While one always hears of the strength of male bonding, female bonding is something that is rarely ever brought up with positive connotations, if ever. This can be connected to the fact that, throughout history, there has been the thought among many that females do not get along well and bring out the poor side in each other in general. The thought that women would never stick up for each other or try to help each other, however, is disproved in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles and Lynn Nottage’s POOF!, wherein both of them women strive to help someone of their gender in some way. Susan Glaspell’s play Trifles shows women defending each other when one is faced with charges on the murder of her husband and two more help to disprove her guilt, despite …show more content…
is a play that deals with women coming together over the murder of a husband as well, though in a more surreal way. The play starts off in a scene of darkness and a screaming match between the main character Loureen and her husband, Samuel. A bright light flashes and Loureen is now faced with a pile of ashes with her husband’s glasses sitting on top of them. She instantly becomes fearful as she lives in constant terror of her abusive husband, whom she must be cautious of angering at all times as the slightest thing might set him off. Still in a fit of anxiety, Loureen calls her neighbor, Florence, and tells her to rush over. Loureen confides in Florence, who knows of her problems with domestic abuse and can relate to them herself, that she has killed her husband. Though she is confused at first about how exactly she killed Samuel, she later on comes to a conclusion: “I’m a witch...the devil spawn!” (739 T). After she comes to this conclusion, Loureen starts to break down over the fact that her husband is never going to come back because she murdered him, but that she could be a symbol for all survivors of domestic abuse. She starts to laugh just as Florence is about to comfort her which sparks confusion, though she quickly goes back to being worried about what would happen to her if anyone found out. As Florence is in the same situation as Loureen, she becomes hopeful that she will help her out by doing what she did to

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